Links 5/11/21

Links for you. Science:

Initial real world evidence for lower viral load of individuals who have been vaccinated by BNT162b2
‘The vaccine changed my life’: Yale study to examine effects on COVID long-haulers
Researchers fear people of color may be disproportionately affected by long Covid
Scientists Have Studied the Mysterious Behavior of Cats Sitting on Squares
Bunny, the dog that can “talk,” starts asking existential questions


How America Became the Money Laundering Capital of the World. The U.S. is the venue of choice for cartels and kleptocrats. Now lawmakers want to use an agency called FinCEN to do something about it.
Covid Destroyed the Illusion of the Restaurant Industry
Musicians Say Streaming Doesn’t Pay. Can the Industry Change? Services like Spotify and Apple Music pulled the business back from the brink. But artists say they can’t make a living. And their complaints are getting louder.
Why Joe Biden Punched Big Pharma in the Nose Over Covid Vaccines
The U.S. Is Playing Catch-Up at Vaccine Diplomacy (thanks, Donnie!)
Three States and a Funeral (for the Republican Party). If you want to see the next version of the GOP, look at the states where it dominates the legislatures.
A Pennsylvania Lawmaker and the Resurgence of Christian Nationalism
Arizona Locals Are Revolting Against the Clown-Show ‘Audit’ of Its 2020 Election
The Business Class Has Been Fearmongering About Worker Shortages for Centuries
Free beer offer results in more vaccinations than all Erie County first-dose clinics last week
Lafayette Square Reopens To The Public After 11 Months Of Being Totally Fenced Off
Doomsday for bad bosses
Bowser Announces Full Reopening on June 11, Capacity Increases for Restaurants and Bars on May 21
Trump Isn’t the Biggest Republican Threat
Jeff Bezos’s New Yacht Comes With Its Own Yacht?
GOP Governors End COVID Unemployment Benefits to Make People Go Back to Work
Kevin McCarthy hits the bottom of the barrel
The far right’s conspiracy theory blaming Fauci for COVID-19 worms its way into mainstream
Biden has a Federalist Society problem on his Supreme Court planning commission
COVID-19 patients total 170 at local hospitals, not a single one vaccinated

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