Links 5/6/21

Links for you. Science:

Pfizer is testing a pill that, if successful, could become first-ever home cure for COVID-19
Scientists Are Relocating Nuisance Beavers to Help Salmon
Drones show California’s great white sharks are closer — and more common — than you think
Siberia Is on Fire—and It’s Only May
Microplastics are everywhere — but are they harmful?


Don’t Fall for the D.C. Retrocession ‘Okey-Doke’. Retrocession is being used to derail what Washingtonians actually want: statehood. (yep)
How most of the West got the pandemic so badly wrong?
The Real-Life Victims of Democrats’ Irrational Deficit Paranoia. How moderates’ fear of the Congressional Budget Office screws students and shrinks ambitious policy, all to protect the fabled “taxpayer”
The D.C. Council Just Advanced An Updated Comprehensive Plan. Here’s What’s In It
Biden and the Future of the Family
Our Government Was Attacked on January 6, But Can’t Get Itself Together to Investigate It
Mayor Bowser’s Revised D.C. Mask Order, Explained
Republicans scramble to ban ‘certain messages’ and ‘unsanctioned narratives’ from schools
Republicans to officially make opposing sedition disqualifying for party leadership
The counting will continue until results improve
Supreme Court’s Ethics Problems Are Bigger Than Coney Barrett
Proud Boys saw wave of contributions from Chinese diaspora before Capitol attack
The coronavirus vaccine skeptics who changed their minds
Facebook’s Oversight Board Just Reminded Us of What an Almighty Problem Facebook Is
Trump’s New Blog Is a Trap. The only way to win is not to play
The Murdoch cancer — how one country is trying to cure itself
DC Council Approves Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Ban Him Forever: To send the right message, Donald Trump’s removal from Facebook must be permanent.
Innovations In Human Resource Management
Netanyahu is desperate, unhinged and totally uninterested in governing
Businesses are desperate for workers … but not desperate enough to pay more

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