Links 5/4/21

Links for you. Science:

Farming without disturbing soil could cut agriculture’s climate impact by 30%
How Pfizer Makes Its Covid-19 Vaccine
Assess Ventilation When Determining Safe Distancing in Schools to Control COVID-19 Transmission
How Humanity Gave Itself an Extra Life
The COVID States Project #48: Assessing the impact of the pause in Johnson & Johnson vaccine use on COVID-19 vaccination intent


D.C. is working on a futuristic plan: Less parking, taller buildings and a transformed city
Many police officers spurn coronavirus vaccines as departments hold off on mandates (then maybe they shouldn’t be…)
Not wearing masks outside (in most circumstances) is fine. Wearing masks outside is also fine if you want to.
We Know How to Prevent Traffic Deaths. Our Goal Should Be Zero.
Biden Needs to Fire the FBI Director
Good Luck to Republicans if Biden’s Family Plan Becomes Law
Britain risks cementing in power a corrupt and incompetent government in undeserved gratitude for the vaccine
Do public health officials need to be political activists? A fight over an HIV crisis renews the question
Out of Oxygen
The Big Biden Policy Idea That Nobody (Not Even Joe Biden) Is Discussing
Why Covid-19 is Running Amok in India
Is the Abandonment of Guest Worker COVID Protections a Taste of Things to Come?
New York requires $15 broadband for poor people, promptly gets sued by ISPs
Experts call for federal monitors of Arizona Senate election audit, citing violations of voting laws
Paid to Lie. On the boundless and hugely remunerative cynicism of Rupert Murdoch and his faux-news fabricators
At a walk-up coronavirus vaccine clinic in D.C., every shot is a small victory
Were We Awake During The Campaign
Don’t Wait for Herd Immunity: We may never reach the point when viral spread stops, but a strategy of minimizing risk—not eliminating it—can help Americans reclaim normalcy. (feels like giving up and settling for thousands of needless deaths, but that’s what we do in 21st century America)
Democratic senator has tough questions for the FBI on how it missed Jan. 6 threat from Proud Boys
Some schools skip student quarantines
We Tortured The Shit Out Of Some Folks
Oregon Lawmaker Who Opened State Capitol To Far-Right Protesters Faces Charges

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