Links 5/3/21

Links for you. Science:

Why some people don’t experience vaccine side-effects, and why it’s not a problem
How eDNA is revolutionizing the tracking of elusive species. It may soon be used to fight wildlife trafficking.
Trial of existing antibiotic for treating Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia begins. NIH-supported trial will test dalbavancin in hospitalized adults.
Baby Mammoths Were Meals for These Saber-Tooth Cats
Sponges can crawl, but it costs them bits of their bodies


Vaccine Skepticism Was Viewed as a Knowledge Problem. It’s Actually About Gut Beliefs. (good, but not new at all–ScienceBloglings were discussing this circa 2007)
Employers are outraged that workers won’t come crawling to work for peanuts in a pandemic
‘Deaths of Despair’ and the Failure of Capitalism
The ‘Capitalism is Broken’ Economy
Call it ‘enforcement fatigue’: Restaurant workers are tired of fighting unruly customers
‘Floyd was my man. But George Floyd is a movement.’ The private grief of Courteney Ross, George Floyd’s girlfriend
How Extremists Weaponize Irony To Spread Hate
The vaccine insurrection. How do we deal with the new antivax movement? (we need a carrot and stick approach; e.g., no one working in nursing homes should be turning down vaccination)
Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Savior, Dies at 42. If you are reading this obituary online, you owe your digital safety to him.
The Fight to Clean Up the EPA. Trump nearly broke the EPA. Can the Biden administration repair the damage?
The Origin Story Of GOP Outrage Over Totally Imaginary Biden Red Meat Ban
COVID vaccines: time to confront anti-vax aggression
Joe Biden fought this destructive law. 25 years later, he can help repeal it.
Experian doxes the world (again)
A small electorate chooses Boston’s mayors. Let’s change that. Shifting municipal elections to even-numbered years, so they align with national elections, would boost turnout dramatically. (D.C. should do this too)
How much money do English majors make? Don’t ask. Publicizing the earning potential associated with various college programs would reinforce a narrow view of what higher education is all about.
The unmaking of India (not behind paywall)
Black residents of Elizabeth City, N.C., thought police violence happened in other places. Then it came to their town.
Disney’s writer wage-theft is far worse than reported
Complacency and Government Failures Fueled India’s COVID Disaster
COVID-19 surges in Oregon, sickening younger adults and forcing a return to restrictions

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  1. David J. Littleboy says:

    FWIW, the breathless freakout over increasing deaths of working class white folks may be a tad overstated. There’s a bunch of stuff on this over at Andrew Gelman’s (statistics) blog. This was the story they told around 2017, when the first paper on this came out.

    You can start here and look around that blog: they covered it at the time.

    Gelman (a Columbia professor) isn’t looking for a fight here, so you need to look at the data he presents and read carefully. My recall from the time is that the statisticians over there thought there was much less there there than the press thought, but the deaths of despair article you reference above goes for the most extreme of those claims.

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