Links 5/1/21

Links for you. Science:

Will We Need Covid-19 Booster Shots? Here’s the Lowdown.
Study finds Lyme-carrying ticks next to beaches and ‘pretty much wherever we looked’
Fully vaccinated seniors are 94 percent less likely to be hospitalized with covid-19
UVA, Virginia Tech develop new vaccine that could protect against COVID-19, other coronaviruses
Mask study was “misleading” and misquotes citations, says Elsevier


How About A Maximum Voting Age?
Judge Denies Request to Release Footage of Cops Killing Andrew Brown Jr. Because It Wouldn’t Be Fair to Cops Who Killed Andrew Brown Jr. (No, Seriously)
Only school districts with in-person learning get COVID relief cash under House GOP plan. Childcare centers won’t get funding until mask order lifted (Michigan)
Kevin McCarthy, Welcome To Meet The Press
Trump may have botched the census and screwed Republicans in the process
D.C. to Resume Use of J&J Vaccine
How Cleveland Park’s historic district cost the neighborhood 42 homes in one project
Corona, Queens, Still Staggers to Recover From Corona, the Virus
Why Do We Forget Pandemics?
Don’t let Republicans play the ‘whatabout’ game with a Jan. 6 probe
Joe Biden wants to prove democracy works — before it’s too late. Biden sees his presidency as proving democracy — not authoritarianism — right for the world.
Homelessness In D.C. Fell 19.9% From 2020
How Austerity Destroyed the Public Good
The New iOS Update Lets You Stop Ads From Tracking You—So Do It
The future of coronavirus testing is in Greenville, N.C.
Bombshell Letter: Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor, Wingman Says
Things Republicans Need to Explain
Trust, J&J Shot Key to Vaccinating Homeless People
America’s Workplaces Are Still Too Dangerous
Brazil Rejects the Gamaleya Vaccine
Russian Vaccine Behavior

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