Links 4/17/21

Links for you. Science:

These Ants Shrink Their Brains for a Chance to Become Queen
School kids are spreading COVID in northern Michigan
Lack of Data on Covid-19 Vaccines and Periods Inspired Two Feminist Scientists to Learn More
How Many Tyrannosaurus Rexes Ever Lived on Earth? Here’s a New Clue.


Surviving the Crackdown in Xinjiang: As mass detentions and surveillance dominate the lives of China’s Uyghurs and Kazakhs, a woman struggles to free herself.
A Billionaire-Funded Website With Ties to the Far Right Is Trying to “Cancel” University Professors: Campus Reform and its publisher, the Leadership Institute, are siccing armies of trolls on professors across the country. (actual cancel culture)
Many Michigan schools lack air filters that would help fight COVID-19
In My Hometown, Opioids Are Still Stealing Lives
We can make the Supreme Court less partisan if we choose
Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar launch ‘America First Caucus,’ and it’s as bad as you imagine
The Supreme Court Is Making New Law in the Shadows
Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices
OVERTURNING ROE: WHAT WOULD THE PLUTOCRATS THINK? (and who paid off Kavanaugh’s debts?)
“Good Design” Is Making Bad Cities, but It Doesn’t Have To
Good Transit Is Useless If People Can’t Live Near It
Where a Non-Functional OSHA Leads
What America’s Vaccination Campaign Proves to the World: The U.S. stumbled early in the pandemic, but the vaccine rollout could reboot the country’s image. (if we wanted, we could be the ‘Arsenal of Vaccinology’)
The Kash Patel saga
Least Vaccinated U.S. Counties Have Something in Common: Trump Voters
The Curious Case Of The Craigslist Camel

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