Quick Thoughts About Vaccines and Setbacks

The last couple of days have seen a great many thinky thought leaders and pundits opining about the FDA’s decision to pause use of the J&J COVID-19 vaccine. I find it bizarre that so many people who profess to understand how to communicate to the public act like such assholes. Not exactly the bona fides I’m looking for when someone is trying to claim they know how to communicate with other people.

Anyway, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well the vaccines, including the J&J vaccine, have performed. We have been very lucky. All three appear to be very effective: based on the infamous penis graph, even the J&J vaccine after seven to eight weeks seems really effective.

There were always going to be setbacks. The emergency use authorization procedure is equivalent to the scene in The Martian where they strip everything out of the rocket so it has enough fuel; there are reasons why it usually takes longer to approve vaccines. That said, it seems a lot of pundits seem to be living in the moment: a minor setback–and that’s what this is–has them in a complete tizzy. Did they really expect that everything would go right, especially after the last year or so?

Like I keep saying, many thinky thought leaders and pundits (#NotAll…) will get us killed.

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