Links 3/31/21

Links for you. Science:

‘I’m empty.’ Pandemic scientists are burning out—and don’t see an end in sight
Why indoor spaces are still prime COVID hotspots
Detection of the recurrent substitution Q677H in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 in cases descended from the lineage B.1.429
Stanford Scientists Reverse Engineer Moderna Vaccine, Post Code on Github
Japan’s Kyoto cherry blossoms peak on earliest date in 1,200 years, a sign of climate change


College students are falling in love with white supremacy. Rep. Paul Gosar is helping.
Your Home’s Value Is Based on Racism
Rapid COVID vaccine rollout backfired in states like Florida, analysis finds
Why DC should become our 51st state
Why the effects of Republican efforts to limit voting aren’t clear
Why Even Well Prepared Countries Failed the Pandemic Test
“We all want what’s best for our kids”: Discussions of D.C. public school options in an online forum (you’ll hate humanity after reading this…)
Vaccine Progress Report: 76% of Doses Administered. DC Health also reports that 64% of seniors have received at least a first dose of the vaccine. (much different picture in reality than the headline would have you believe)
Proud Boys organizer charged in Capitol attack says he aided FBI ‘antifa’ inquiries
Our Criteria for What Constitutes ‘Terrorism’ Have Been Laughable for Years Now
I work at a Texas coffee shop. This is what it’s been like trying to enforce our mask policy
The Supreme Court Was Once a Champion of the Poor: One president’s targeted campaign put a stop to that.
Hanging workers out to dry
Matt Gaetz Is Said to Be Investigated Over Possible Sexual Relationship With a Girl, 17
Irony Is Taking a Beating in the Dispute Over Iowa’s Second Congressional District
Social Security is still in the hands of a Trumper, and Biden needs to fix that
Vaccine mystery: Why J&J’s shots aren’t reaching more arms
Impending doom? We can avoid it
Teflon Antichrist: How Did a President Who Fit the Role So Well Avoid the Label?
Ex-GOP official Joel Greenberg flaunted ties to Matt Gaetz. Then he was charged with child sex trafficking.
Americans want the government to buy U.S.-made goods, even if they cost more

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