Links 3/16/21

Links for you. Science:

‘An accelerated cauldron of evolution’: Covid-19 patients with cancer, HIV, may play a role in emergence of variants
Will Covid-19 Be a Tipping Point for Climate Action?
Coronavirus sequence trove sparks frustration
Evaluating the contributions of strategies to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the healthcare setting: a modelling study
Novavax vaccine 96% effective against original coronavirus version in UK trial


Chuck Schumer no longer interested in playing 3-card monte with Susan Collins
Why the U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance Is Essential for U.S. Survival
Abuse and Power: Andrew Cuomo’s governorship has been defined by cruelty that disguised chronic mismanagement. Why was that celebrated for so long?
Teachers, Support Staff Demand Removal of Principal at Ward 8 Middle School (D.C. management leaves a lot to be desired)
Joe Biden is kryptonite to the Republican culture war
DCHA Executive Director Accuses Former Deputy of Planning a Coup
Pro-Sanders forces finally get their revenge: Steamrolled by Nevada’s Democratic establishment in 2016, Sanders’ supporters have now taken over one of the nation’s top state parties — and that could have far-reaching consequences.
Study shows how Republican governors adopted politicized COVID-19 policies that invited disaster (study here)
Democrats’ Only Chance to Stop the GOP Assault on Voting Rights. If the party doesn’t pass new protections, it could lose the House, Senate, and White House within the next four years.
What Happens When 10 Million Tenants Can’t Make Rent?
Andrew Cuomo Should Resign: The sexual harassment charges are bad enough, but the man the media crowned “America’s Governor” last year needlessly let thousands of New Yorkers die from COVID
Japan’s Gun Laws Worked So Well They Need to Ban Crossbows
D.C. Lost At Least 375 Businesses Since Last March. Here’s How Those Closures Have Reshaped The City
Biden backs new war powers vote in Congress, White House says
Roger Mudd, probing TV journalist and network news anchor, dies at 93
Biden’s first big win (and what comes next)
What are NFTs and why are some worth millions?
Renting Is Terrible. Owning Is Worse.
How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation
Arrest First, Learn about Right Wing Terrorism Later
Mass-Vaccination Sites — An Essential Innovation to Curb the Covid-19 Pandemic

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2 Responses to Links 3/16/21

  1. CB says:

    Re the two year old who had cancer and never cleared covid-19. In your list of references today. Have you read or listened on youtube to Geert vander Bossch- a virologist who points out that giving vaccines which raise responses to only a few epitopes and there fore possibly mostly weakened responses to variants allowing more escape for variants is a recipe for disaster- as that narrow response which rises quickly after vaccination does not allow for a multi epitope response to be built into memory via natural killer cells only the-narrow response. So variants are selectively at an advantage during subsequent challenges. Or more broadly trying to vaccinate everybody during a pandemic is not a great thing to do.
    I have a background in immunology / retired now and few contacts in the research world- but it makes sense to me-

  2. Dave Dell says:

    Roger Mudd and Connie Chung in the mid 1970’s early morning for the news. No human interest stories. Here it is straight up. The news during some turbulent times. I miss those types of broadcasts.

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