Links 3/15/21

Links for you. Science:

Indoor Weed Farms Are Hotboxing the Planet
Transmission, infectivity, and antibody neutralization of an emerging SARS-CoV-2 variant in California carrying a L452R spike protein mutation (not so scary after all)
Unlocking the Mysteries of Long COVID (“long influenza” is a chilling, but likely accurate phrase)
Mapping Twenty Years of Antimicrobial Resistance Research Trends
Great apes given Covid vaccines after outbreak at San Diego zoo


We Already Got Rid of the Filibuster Once Before
Iowa’s state universities are dying, slowly
Inside Team Trump’s New Plot to Suppress the Vote Under Biden
How Democrats learned to stop worrying and hand out fat stacks of cash
DSGE, the Standard Economic Paradigm, is Based on Bad Modeling
How to Be Sure Your Face Mask Isn’t a Counterfeit
How Biden Is Trying to Help Working-Class Voters in Red-State Alabama
Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quits After Democratic Socialist Slate Won Every Seat
Mehdi Hasan Thinks There’s One Thing Journalists Should Be Biased About
If You Want to Be a Stonk Man, Don’t Run for Congress
When You’ll Get A More Equal Society
The COVID Relief Bill Signals the End of 30 Years of Democratic Policy
The American Rescue Plan is the rescue plan our nation needed a year ago
The GOP scam is getting worse — for Republican voters. A new study shows how.
Chris Hayes Is Finding Reasons to Be Optimistic Again
The Officers Danced at a Black Lives Matter Rally. Then They Stormed the Capitol.
A (culture) war of desperation: Without Trump, Republicans wage their last stand
House ethics office says there’s ‘substantial reason to believe’ Rep. Steven Palazzo misused campaign, congressional funds
Republicans in Pennsylvania target seniors with calls pretending to be from ‘Johnson & Johnson’
Hogan’s decision to reopen Maryland surprised local officials, business leaders

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