Links 2/19/21

Links for you. Science:

The Body Is Far From Helpless Against Coronavirus Variants
Coronavirus: Latest Israeli data proves vaccines work – 0.1% infected
The End Of The COVID-19 Pandemic
Genes Influencing Phage Host Range in Staphylococcus aureus on a Species-Wide Scale
Estimating epidemiologic dynamics from cross-sectional viral load distributions


Fire Louis DeJoy: It wouldn’t be simple for Joe Biden to oust the postmaster general, but it’s hardly as impossible as the press is making it out to be. (here’s why it should be done)
The Cantillon Effect and GameStop
“We are not trying to vaccine as many people as quickly as possible”
The Aughts Were Nuts
Poll Finds Nearly 40 Percent of Republicans Think Political Violence Is Justifiable and Could Be Necessary
The Problems With Public Defense Are Big, But They’re Fixable
Sen. Murray recounts harrowing tale of hiding in room as rioters stormed the Capitol (once we view the insurrection as a 21st century version of a Jim Crow lynch mob–and it was–both the composition of the insurrectionists and of those who engaged in jury nullification makes a lot of sense)
Those Who Work: What you can learn about medieval Europe if you focus on peasants.
Senate Democrats can pass almost anything with a simple majority—and without nuking the filibuster
The Insidious Influence of the Arms Industry on Foreign Policy
Nation’s public health service, deploying to fight covid-19, waits on vaccines (fix this, you assholes)
The Limits of Descriptive Representation
Capitol riot suspect bragged about using officers’ pepper spray against them, prosecutors say
Is Biden the “Reagan of the Left”? No one expected Biden to be the one to transform American economic policy in a leftward direction. But he might. (not convinced Reagan’s ascent had much to do with stagflation though)
Trump Checked Out Of The District. Where Does That Leave His Hotel?
Who should get a $1,400 check?
Are conservative policies shortening American lives?
How The US Legalized Corruption
These state statistics are enraging, and they explain so much of our modern politics
Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Alluring
Talking Points
People Over 75 Are First in Line to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19. The Average Black Person Here Doesn’t Live That Long.

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