Links 2/7/21

Links for you. Science:

We may soon have a third vaccine. Here’s what you need to know about the Johnson & Johnson shot
Scientists Now Know Why Wombat Poop Comes Out In Cubes
Could Pablo Escobar’s escaped hippos help the environment?
The pandemic’s next few months could be the hardest. A UCSD researcher explains why
One Dose Now for Everyone Most Likely to Die


The Mount Pleasant Miracle
A prophecy about white domestic terrorism foretold — and ignored
Is D.C. Finally on the Brink of Statehood?
GOP Lawmakers Seek Tougher Voting Rules After Record Turnout, Election Losses
Why did education leaders trash a school full of music, dance and art?
Joe Biden’s Administration Is Starting To Look Like A Mullet
John Chaney, eternally fiery and relentlessly competitive, was the definition of toughness
Texas City Councilman Posted Photo Of Noose After Insurrection, Saying ‘Let ‘Em Hang’
So you’re being held accountable? That’s not ‘cancel culture.’
Why Democrats Must Keep the Filibuster From Killing Voting Rights
The other rebellion: Dozens of Michigan restaurants defy state coronavirus order
Army Wants To Restrict Access To Washington Channel By The Wharf
While Biden pushes to reopen schools, Europe moves in the opposite direction
Democrats are faced with a choice. Protect the filibuster or protect democracy.
Americans Don’t Know What Urban Collapse Really Looks Like
Taiwan is a civilization
Everyone should be wearing N95 masks now
Trump Taught Teachers Conspiracy Theories. Now They’re Teaching Them To Students.
It’s Time for Justice, Not Healing
A Different Path to Ordination: Distance seminaries are training rabbis in less time, for less money, than traditional seminaries—and synagogues are hiring them
The Insurrection Was Put Down. The GOP Plan for Minority Rule Marches On.

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