Links 1/29/21

Links for you. Science:

Giant worm’s undersea lair discovered by fossil hunters in Taiwan
Why new COVID-19 variants are on the rise and spreading around the world
The Ongoing Collapse of the World’s Aquifers
Denmark is sequencing all coronavirus samples and has an alarming view of the U.K. variant
Patients, clinicians seek answers to the mystery of ‘Long COVID’


When Domestic Terrorists Go Mainstream: Lessons from the “pro-life” movement
McConnell is already moving to strangle the Biden presidency
Want to understand the GOP’s problem? Look at its newly elected extremists. (“What sells in today’s GOP is performative lib-owning.”)
American Unity Is a Fantasy. National harmony is impossible without true accountability, especially when a major political party enables sedition and white-supremacist terrorism
Medical experts hail President Biden’s early and aggressive COVID-19 push
Sharon Block, Union Ally, Named to White House Regulatory Post
How Anti-Abortion Terrorism Fueled The MAGA Attack On The Capitol
The Importance, and Incoherence, of Twitter’s Trump Ban
60 Percent of Wisconsin Voters Support Replacing Senator Ron Johnson
Keep the Trains and Buses Running. Public transit systems urgently need more public funding so they can continue to provide an important public service.
I Know Why Haredi Jews Joined Neo-Nazis at the Trumpist Riot
Murder the Filibuster and Never Look Back
The attack on the Capitol shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to close off more of D.C.’s public spaces
China turbocharges bid to discredit Western vaccines, spread virus conspiracy theories
Reporters in D.C. Swarm Lone Trump Supporters, the Last Gasp of a Way of Life
A solution to the Trump impeachment dilemma
He Brought Moynihan Train Hall to Life, but Didn’t Live to See It
Trump and Justice Dept. Lawyer Said to Have Plotted to Oust Acting Attorney General. Trying to find another avenue to push his baseless election claims, Donald Trump considered installing a loyalist, and had the men make their cases to him.
Surveillance pool testing for COVID-19 offers new way to catch outbreaks quickly
Up your mask game: Not all masks are equal — the best ones offer effective filtration, breathability, and snug fit to reduce exposure to unfiltered air. Recent studies have found that the best masks have three layers.
I Work In A Coffee Shop In Montana. Anti-Maskers Have Made My Job Hell.

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