Links 1/26/21

Links for you. Science:

1st preserved dinosaur butthole is ‘perfect’ and ‘unique,’ paleontologist says
HHS finalizes rule that imposes term limits for career federal scientists
A lab in Italy reported a cluster of the U.K. coronavirus variant. But that wasn’t enough to stop the spread.
COVID’s toll on smell and taste: what scientists do and don’t know
Nearly 170,000 get 2nd COVID shot; initial study shows no major side effects


Now Is Not the Time to Relax COVID Restrictions — Masks on and sleeves up
Are National Guard Troops Deployed To D.C. At Risk Of Spreading The Coronavirus? (larger issue is that interstate travel enables spread)
How Operation Warp Speed Created Vaccination Chaos
Biden Lifts Health Care Plan From Insurance Lobbyists: The incoming president’s plan mimics an insurance industry letter, instead of pushing a promised public option or Democratic legislation to expand Medicare.
Trump leaves America at its most divided since the Civil War
Vice President Harris
Donald Trump’s Departure Was a Perfect Visual for His Entire Life
We Should Know Exactly Who Funded Last Week’s Right-Wing Riot
Here Are 4 Better Responses to the Capitol Riot Than Expanding “Domestic Terror” Crackdowns
Republicans call for unity but won’t acknowledge Biden won fairly
Prop 22 Is Here, and It’s Already Worse Than Expected
Rallies ahead of Capitol riot were planned by established Washington insiders
Inside Joe Biden’s plan to avoid a midterm ‘shellacking’
400,000: The invisible deaths of covid-19
The Hundred Day Mistake
Do ‘elder Goths’ hold the secret to aging successfully?
Trumpin’ Lumpen Republicans
QAnon’s Afterlife: A Holy Civil War
What Will Happen to QAnon After Biden’s Inauguration?
Inaugural ‘field of flags’ on the Mall seen from space
National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness

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