Links 1/21/21

Links for you. Science:

Evaluation of Cloth Masks and Modified Procedure Masks as Personal Protective Equipment for the Public During the COVID-19 Pandemic
22 Orphans Gave Up Everything to Distribute the World’s First Vaccine
Turn off that camera during virtual meetings, environmental study says
Post-COVID lungs worse than the worst smokers’ lungs, surgeon says
Yes, the Pandemic Is Ruining Your Body


Crank Radio Will Give Go-Go a National Platform
Councilmembers Butt Heads with DC Health Director Over Racial Equity in Vaccine Distribution
Learning from the Failure of Reconstruction
One of QAnon’s Biggest Influencers Is a Failed Hollywood Screenwriter
GOP aide resigns while lashing ‘congressional enablers of this mob’
How White Evangelical Christians Fused With Trump Extremism
Yes, It Was a Coup. Here’s Why.
GitHub is facing employee backlash after the firing of a Jewish employee who suggested ‘Nazis are about’ on the day of the US Capitol siege
Vikings, Crusaders, Confederates
Government Interventions Can Control COVID-19. This is not a contentious fact
After The Sacred Landslide
‘Let Them Get Their Shots:’ Some D.C. Teachers Push To Get Vaccinated Before In-Person Schooling Restarts
The Link Between the Capitol Insurrectionists and Abusers
A $6 Million Home To Appreciate Living In D.C. And Not Threaten Democracy (the first part is very good, also nice housing porn)
Still going to the grocery store? With new virus variants spreading, it’s probably time to stop. Health experts say you should avoid optional trips whenever you can. You probably need a better mask, too. (““But the best protection still remains avoiding contact with other people indoors, especially for a sustained period of time,” Goldstein added. “Masks are not 100 percent effective. Staying away from people is 100 percent effective.””)
Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump
Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard to set up Covid vaccine clinics across the U.S.
Off-duty police were part of the Capitol mob. Now police are turning in their own.
How to Break the Demagogue Cycle. The Senate must convict Trump in order to disqualify him from ever holding public office again.
An Impeachment Trial Will Be Good Practice for Actual Oversight
A small town seethes after learning one of its own joined the Capitol’s mob

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  1. Physicalist says:

    Thank god. A new era, in which Trump signs no more.

  2. I’m so happy not to see that orange face anymore.

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