Calls for Unity: Not a Minor Threat

Over the last few days, the Republican response to an attempted coup have been calls for unity. That’s the kind of bullshit we usually hear but there’s something else Republicans are adding to the unity call: they’re adding something along the lines of ‘turn the temperature down or things will explode.’

That is not a call for unity. That is a veiled threat of violence.

Republicans are saying, if you attempt to pursue justice, or even just enforce the law, against those who committed insurrection, our supporters will hurt or kill people.

That’s not unity. That is a threat. As Comrade Thers once put it:

Anyway, what we have here is a situation where a relatively small minority of Americans are claiming the right, ultimately backed up by their possession of weapons, to define the True Nature of American Freedom…

How this differs in any important philosophical regard from the position, of, say, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, I cannot say.

How it differs in any practical sense, well (McVeigh cough) who knows.

The Republican ‘give‘ should not be and can not be ‘we won’t encourage terrorism.’

Again, this is not just a political dodge, it is a threat of violence.

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  1. Sounds like sh*t my abusive BF used to say to me.

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