Links 1/8/21

Links for you. Science:

Comment on “A Simple Test for the Extent of Voter Fraud with Absentee Ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election”
The bizarre sea slug, Melibe viridis, using its head as a net to catch food.
Musings of an anonymous, pissed off virologist (must-read)
Covid-19: Antibodies protect against reinfection for at least six months, study finds
Putting PCR into real-time


Here’s what leadership on vaccination would look like (very good)
Proud Boys Leader Arrested In D.C. Over Destruction Of BLM Banner
‘Conspiracy theorist’ pharmacist who allegedly ruined vaccine thought it would mutate DNA
Once Again: It’s Time to Impeach the President in the Lame Duck. He Will Never Stop This.
GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert appears to strut around Washington, D.C. with Glock in bizarre Twitter video (the dangerous streets of… Capitol Hill)
Is Trump Making Democracy-Threatening Phone Calls to the Pentagon, Too?
Adiós: White supremacist Steve King is no longer a member of Congress
Worse Than Treason
AITA: A confused older man called asking me to ‘find more votes’ for him but I refused
How Israel got vaccines to 9% of its population in less than 2 weeks – far more than any other country
Vons, Pavilions to Fire “Essential Workers,” Replace Drivers with Independent Contractors: California begins to see the devastating effects of Proposition 22.
Biden Needs to Bust Big Ag Immediately
Vaccines don’t save lives, vaccinations do. The Trump administration’s plan to get vaccines in to the arms of Americans has largely failed, with now only 28.4% of the distributed doses administered. Here I propose my vaccination plan, leveraging key locations for vaccination.
Eleanor Holmes Norton Restarts D.C. Statehood Process With New Congress
The District’s Vaccination Data, Explained. Why D.C. has administered less than half of the COVID-19 vaccines it received.
We must stop calling Trump’s enablers ‘conservative.’ They are the radical right.
What the San Francisco Bay Area Can Teach Us About Fighting a Pandemic (bad conclusions)
Why the Fight Over Parking in New York Is ‘Like the Hunger Games’
Another lockdown was inevitable. We have to get this one right (UK)
In Georgia, Facebook’s Changes Brought Back a Partisan News Feed
Conservatives Rule, Liberals Drool

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