Links 12/29/20

Links for you. Science:

Effects of transcriptional noise on estimates of gene and transcript expression in RNA sequencing experiments
Eight-Armed Underwater Bullies: Watch Octopuses Punch Fish
What are COVID archivists keeping for tomorrow’s historians?
Weather Service faces backlash after launching ‘slow,’ ‘unusable’ radar website
The Dunning-Kruger Effect Is Probably Not Real. The darling of those who wish to explain why incompetent people don’t know they’re unskilled, the Dunning-Kruger effect may actually just be a data artefact


Joe Biden’s anti-revolution takes shape (excellent)
In Louisiana’s petrochemical corridor, COVID-19 spreads like cancer
A Proud Boy Rally Is About Much More Than White Privilege
COVID-19 vaccine distribution algorithms may cement health care inequalities
Is This a Coup? Introducing The Counter: I present my own essay on the dangers of the moment and a strong counterargument against it (synthesis: having failed at a coup, they will now try democratic means to maintain minority rule)
Why The CDC Eviction Ban Isn’t Really A Ban: ‘I Have Nowhere To Go’
Misinformation Amplifiers Target Georgia Senate Races
Beijing Ransacked Data as U.S. Sources Went Dark in China
Education privatization advocates find an opportunity in the school reopening debate
Why So Many Men Stuck With Trump In 2020
Pandemic Payments Total to $2,263 Per Person
How Cities Lost Control of Police Discipline: In the chaos of 1960s Detroit, a fledgling police union laid the groundwork for a system that, to this day, constrains discipline for officers accused of misconduct.
The CDC’s failed race against covid-19: A threat underestimated and a test overcomplicated (mostly not new, but more details)
Trump’s Presidency Is Over. His Judges Will Be Here For Decades.
The U.S. was supposed to be equipped to handle a pandemic. So what went wrong?
Despite Smooth Election, GOP Leaders Still Seek Vote Restrictions (because that’s what Republicans do)
A Black man’s killing by the police exposes Ohio congregations’ bitterly opposing interpretations of faith and justice
Popular Evangelical Pastor: Coronavirus Rules Aren’t Oppressing Christians (Warren is…not good, but this is the heart of it: ““Most churches only have one purpose: worship. And if you take worship away, you’ve got nothing,” he said. “They’re in a hurry to get back to worship because that’s all they’ve got.””)
These are the police misconduct lawsuits the public hears little about (and is where the anger comes from)
Greater Boston is no longer one of the country’s 10 largest metro areas. How did that happen?
Can tailored messages to bad drivers prevent crashes? D.C. is about to find out.

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