Finally, the Federal COVID-19 Data Are Being Released

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted that the White House Task Force was keeping its daily data updates secret, in no small part because the results were embarrassing to some states that weren’t taking the pandemic seriously–and that these reports should have been made public (which is something the Biden administration has promised to do).

The reports also were very revealing about what the federal government did and did not consider to be relevant data:

You know what they’re not tracking? Fourteen day declines. Guess what they are tracking? Yep: prevalence. Go figure.

Releasing the report would shame a lot of governors and local officials into better policy (even if the guidelines are still too lax), though that would get in the way of Trump’s plan.

The good news is that the daily reports are finally being released. I guess the CDC staff just doesn’t give a shit anymore what Il Trumpe thinks.

Anyway, it’s interesting to see what they think is critical (right now, of course, it’s pretty much red across the board).

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