Links 12/22/20

Links for you. Science:

Alien Hunters Discover Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri. Strange radio transmissions appear to be coming from our nearest star system; now scientists are trying to work out what is sending them
A tiny mite with a tinier genome
World’s Largest Fusion Reactor Begins Assembly
Is the new UK variant the same as the new South African variant (501Y.V2)? No. They both share the same mutation in spike: N501Y (N->Y at position 501). However, the 2 variants have arisen separately.
Test Positivity in the US Is a Mess


Ivanka Trump, Famed Public Health Expert, Screened CDC Guidance to Make Sure It Was Nice to Her Dad
Tom Vilsack Is the Reason Urban and Rural Progressives Must Unite to Fight Corporate Agribusiness Control Over Democracy
If Trump pardons himself, Biden should un-pardon him
Only Seven of Stanford’s First 5,000 Vaccines Were Designated for Medical Residents. Stanford Medicine officials relied on a faulty algorithm to determine who should get vaccinated first, and it prioritized some high-ranking doctors over patient-facing medical residents. (weird how the algorithms never screw up in the opposite direction…)
U.S. whistleblower was pressed to exaggerate leftist role in urban protests, lawyer says
Plutocrat charity is no substitute for a welfare state
The Indoorification of Outdoor Dining: Restaurants are enclosing outdoor spaces with tents and domes ahead of the winter months. At what point does eating outside become no different from eating inside?
With the vote count now over, here’s how Pennsylvania broke for Joe Biden
The Army Spent Almost a Year Making Face Masks. That Doesn’t Bode Well.
What Happens When the 1% Go Remote: It doesn’t take very many ultra-wealthy Americans changing their address to wreak havoc on cities’ finances.
The Sophist and The Magician
People Are Taking the Wrong Lesson From Trump’s Failed Coup. Trump failed to steal the election because of incompetence, not because our robust institutions defeated him. (“Yes, technically Trump kept getting zapped on the electrified fence that is the federal judiciary. But his willingness to try—and the willingness of large swaths of the Republican Party to help him—shows that if the guardrails give way for even a moment, Republicans will break out and start eating the votes of Black people.”)
How Bad Bureaucracy Sabotages Democracy
The State of Poverty and Health Insurance in America
Bernie Sanders: ‘Democracy Has Gotten a Reprieve With Biden’s Victory. That’s All It Is.’
Democrats eventually won Black youth voters, but will they keep them?
There is a kind of pundit who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. I’m not talking about ordinary people on Twitter who shoot the shit on a variety of topics, but people with millions of followers.
With sale of Legal Sea Foods, another Boston institution changes hands. It may be hard to imagine the famed restaurants without Roger Berkowitz, but he’ll still be selling Legal chowder
Should Rhode Island cities with the highest COVID-19 rates get the vaccine early?
Restaurants aren’t failing. They are being failed.
Lou Dobbs debunks his own claims of election fraud — after a legal demand from Smartmatic (if Peter Thiel can destroy Gawker, certainly Fox News can be pummeled)

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