Links 12/18/20

Links for you. Science:

Moderna Vaccine Is Highly Protective and Prevents Severe Covid-19, Data Show
Removal of rare amplicon sequence variants from 16S rRNA gene sequence surveys biases the interpretation of community structure data
MRSA emerges through natural transformation
We read the paper that forced Timnit Gebru out of Google. Here’s what it says.
A C.D.C. official says she was ordered to destroy an email showing a Trump appointee interfering with a report’s publication. (someone needs to lose their job(s) over this–all HHS employees get annual training on this issue and know you can’t do this)


How much land does a man need? (important)
New At-Home Covid Test Gets Green Light From F.D.A.
Why Businesses Decide to Disclose COVID-19 Results on Social Media
D.C.’s growth is tied to the amended Comprehensive Plan
D.C. man who allowed protesters into home as refuge from law enforcement is honored by Time magazine
Republicans Will Take Their Assault on Democracy to Congress—and It Will Be Awful
Not Quite A Supertrain Expert (caveat)
“Amazing” Hypocrisy: Democrats Make Wreck of Covid-19 Relief Negotiations
Defund Campus Police
BurntPolice Say Seizing Property Without Trial Helps Keep Crime Down. A New Study Shows They’re Wrong.
Never let Trump’s accomplices live down their attacks on democracy
Bill Barr’s Resignation Letter Perfectly Reflects His Entire Career
The COVID Relief Negotiations May Be a Preview of Joe Biden’s First Two Years as President
Antivaxxers aren’t just antivaccine. They’re anti-public health. Why have antivaxxers allied themselves with COVID-19 deniers? Simple. Both share an unrelenting hostility to public health interventions.
Berkeley’s Outdated Parking Laws Are a Recipe for High Rents and Homelessness (“Berkeley has completely solved its affordable housing problem – for our cars.”)
Santa Tests Positive for Virus After Photo Session With 50 Children
DeVos urges career staff to ‘be the resistance’ as Biden takes over (lol)
City employee: Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman ignored COVID-19 precautions, came to work sick (Republicans gonna Republican)
Interior Secretary Bernhardt tests positive for covid-19
QAnon’s Mysterious Leader ‘Q’ Is Actually Multiple People (paper here; would like to know if the content has changed with authorship)

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