Links 12/17/20

Links for you. Science:

Did QuantumScape Just Solve a 40-Year-Old Battery Problem?
Antibiotic overuse on kids may make such drugs useless against superbugs
Comparing bad apples to orange soda: Flaws and Errors in an Estimation of Years of Life Lost Associated With School Closures and COVID-19 deaths by Christakis, Van Cleve, and Zimmerman
Genomic epidemiology reveals transmission patterns and dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in Aotearoa New Zealand
He Was a Stick, She Was a Leaf; Together They Made History. A surprise clutch of eggs has solved a century-old leaf insect mystery.


Why Did Obama Forget Who Brought Him to the Dance? His memoir is strangely silent about the people who organized for him.
Joe Biden Must Unite The Nation
Democrats Have a Problem. ‘Workers, Wages, Weed’ May Be the Answer.
It’s Not a Good Sign That the Electoral College Has a Vote Tracker This Year
Why Biden Might Not Need McConnell’s Permission
Incognito Cops Roamed the Streets Amid Summer Protests. The Defense Bill Will Put a Stop to It.
Who is BamaTracker? How an Alabama software engineer built a must-read COVID-19 tool
The Florida Democratic Party needs three major reforms
The death of the department store and the American middle class
Hand from the Void
How “Cities Make Democrats”
Why Do We Put Up With “Mantrums”?
Pandemic. Politics. Protests. Here’s the news that broke through in 2020.
The Netherlands faces lockdown from tonight to January 19
Florida COVID whistleblower Rebekah Jones tells podcast she ‘knew Gov. DeSantis would go after her’ before cops raided her home, says staff are ‘purged for being disloyal’, and describes how deaths are deleted from stats
We didn’t just hate the Dr. Jill Biden op-ed by Joseph Epstein for its condescension. We hated it for its contempt for educators.
Trump’s rage at Georgia’s GOP governor bodes badly for Trumpism’s future
Just How Dangerous Was Donald Trump? He failed to bend the state to his will, but he still broke the country.
When a West Virginia county eliminated its needle exchange, experts forewarned of an HIV crisis. Now it’s here.
The 1970s tax reform initiative that debilitated Prince George’s County libraries (proto-austerity)

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