Links 12/14/20

Links for you. Science:

How the first life on Earth survived its biggest threat — water
Poverty, depression, and anxiety: Causal evidence and mechanisms
Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus’ spread indoors
Why Are Pandas Covering Themselves With Horse Manure?
Reevaluating Children’s Role in the Pandemic


CBO: Medicare for All Reduces Health Spending (shocked the CBO did this)
Covid-19 caused the sudden death of a top state lawmaker in New Hampshire.
Biden’s Cabinet Picks Are Getting Weird
Disbar Ken Paxton–And Then Some
Why So Many Conservatives Believe the 2020 Election Was Stolen
It’s Not Just Trump’s War on Democracy Anymore
Send Everyone Checks for $1,200 Immediately. How Is This Even a Question?
Millions of workers poised to lose access to paid leave as virus spikes
Coronavirus vaccine research and distribution plans overlook an important, growing group: People who already got sick
Nick Kristof and the Holy War on Pornhub (there’s a book to written about how the porn industry mirrors so many modern economic trends)
How the Safe Bet Lost in North Carolina
How SEO Is Gentrifying the Internet
Is It Really Terry McAuliffe’s Turn in Virginia—Again?
What an F.D.A. Committee Weighed in Voting for the Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Mitch McConnell’s Ghoulish Plan to Exploit Covid Desperation to Shield Corporate Crime
Massachusetts’ public schools are highly segregated. It’s time we treated that like the crisis it is
People Are Taking the Wrong Lesson From Trump’s Failed Coup
Thousands of Massachusetts hospital staff expected to begin getting long-awaited COVID-19 vaccinations next week
I Know Rahm Emanuel, and He Shouldn’t Be Anywhere Near the White House
DHS holds holiday party, with revelers posing for photos unmasked
Personnel as Policy: What Biden’s Picks So Far Tell Us

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