Links 11/11/20

Links for you. Science:

President-Elect Biden Names New Covid-19 Task Force – What’s The Enthusiasm About?
One in five COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days – study
Characteristics of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Discharged and Experiencing Same-Hospital Readmission — United States, March–August 2020 (COVID-19 is really bad news)
CDC Report: Officials Knew Coronavirus Test Was Flawed But Released It Anyway
The hidden public health hazard of rapid Covid-19 tests


Legal Ethics
The Black Nebraska Lawmaker Who May Have Delivered the Presidency to Joe Biden
Vice President Kamala Devi Harris
Biden Can’t Be F.D.R. He Could Still Be L.B.J.
Political Junkies Are Not Real LIfe
Black People Repudiated Trump Like He Was a Piece of Used Gum. It’s time for centrist Democrats to stop whining about Black Lives Matters protests and start recognizing that Black voters literally saved the election.
We Don’t Have To Talk About Whatever Republicans Want Us To Talk About Every Day
Portland Reelected ‘Tear Gas Ted’—but Still Wants Police Reform
Ding-dong, the jerk is gone. But read this before you sing the Hallelujah Chorus
The Election Nobody Won. A narrow Biden victory offers four years of gridlock—and that’s the best-case scenario.
A View from Trump Country? Appalachia has the highest concentration of white poverty in the nation. Now in 2020, years after Vance, Hochschild, and ‘the Red State Revolt’, Tarence Ray provides a new view from the heart of so-called “Trump Country.”
The transition process is too important to be left to Trump’s whims
The 277 Policies for Which Biden Need Not Ask Permission. As president, Joe Biden could take action on hundreds of policies without having to go through Congress. The Biden-Sanders unity task force provides a road map. (not seeing $15/hr minimum wage for federal employees and contractors though)
Activists helped get Biden elected. When he’s in office, they’ll fight him.
It’s Time for an Overhaul of House Democratic Leadership
No, Democrats won’t ‘destroy’ the suburbs. But they will remake them.
White sheriffs find political home with far-right organizations
So earlier today a Trump supporter messaged me on Facebook, mad at me for saying there’s obviously no voter fraud. So I followed what the pundits wanted me to do and struck up a conversation. (by a freelance journalist)
Why Did The DCCC Fail So Spectacularly On Tuesday?
Trump is now sabotaging national security to soothe his bruised ego
Proposed rent control bills receive mixed reaction from DC residents (doesn’t seem so ‘mixed’ to me)
Rent Control Reform Hearing Highlights Gulf Between Tenants and Landlords in DC
‘I’m Absolutely Expecting Him to Do Something Weird’: How Trump Could End His Presidency

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  1. ProNewerDeal says:


    It appears most Midwest & Mountain West States are now #1 (Murica #1!! /sarc ) in COVID 7-day case rate, matching or exceeding the current worst nation Switzerland’s 85/100K 7-day average daily new COVID cases.

    Yet it seems these beleaguered Euro nations at this daily say 50+/100K have instituted a 30-day lockdown to at least pause the exponential growth if not “flatten the curve”. Whereas here in Murica no states afaik have done a April-style lockdown. Even if a state did, said state would need the Feds to quickly ratify a UBI stimulus in conjuction, which seems unlikely given the do-nothing disdain of the McConTrumPelosis + the current Biden/Trump anti-cooperative transition era.

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