Links 11/8/20

Links for you. Science:

‘Poor mummies’: Pandemic sidelines conservators and their care of such museum artifacts
FDA advisers give thumbs-down to Alzheimer’s drug, saying it lacks efficacy data
Dogs can detect COVID-19 quicker and more accurately than nasal swabs, study finds
Declines in SARS-CoV-2 Transmission, Hospitalizations, and Mortality After Implementation of Mitigation Measures— Delaware, March–June 2020
Coronavirus spike at UD ‘directly related’ to Halloween parties, spokeswoman confirms


Joe Biden Had To Beat Donald Trump With One Hand Tied Behind His Back
Nations long targeted by US chide Trump’s claims of fraud
Joe Biden Ran On Character. That’s Not Going To Fix What’s Broken With America.
Biden has ambitious plans to curb the coronavirus. But they could face big hurdles in a divided country and Congress.
GA Poll Worker In Hiding After False Fraud Claims Surface Online
Our long national nightmare is over
The Black Nebraska Lawmaker Who May Have Delivered the Presidency to Joe Biden
She is a former addict and prisoner. She was just elected to the state house in Washington.
Bail Out State and Local Governments with Medicare
President-elect Biden needs to get to work on the covid-19 pandemic. Today.
Trumpania, U.S.A.: Making federal buildings fascist again
District grants disputed $46 million tax abatement to Adams Morgan hotel
Will the Democrats Ever Make Sense of This Week? They’re more likely to take the wrong lessons from Biden’s win and the down-ballot losses.
Donald Trump’s concession speech
How America’s election count looks to the rest of the world
Systemic racism, not $200 Air Jordans, suppresses Black wealth
The Final Gasp of Donald Trump’s Presidency
‘It’s going to be very, very scary’: Before Biden takes office, a precarious 10 weeks for escalating Covid-19 crisis
“I’m a Little Worried I’m Dreaming”: Relief, hope, and go-go music at a spontaneous Donald Trump goodbye party outside the White House.
Interior of a Rock Island Railroad Lounge Car ca. 1937
PHOTOS: Wild Scenes of Jubilation as DC Reacts to Joe Biden Victory

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