Kind of Stunned into Silence

Right now, my heart isn’t into writing a bunch of HAWT TAEKS. Hopefully, later today, we’ll get some good news and Biden will win. There are a bunch of inchoate thoughts roaming around in my mind about how Democrats could do better, but those should not overshadow a Biden victory.

If nothing else, those of us who live in Democratic states won’t have to wonder if the president will extort our states with a COVID-19 vaccine. We won’t have a president who believes in the ‘herd immunity’ strategy (though maybe strategy should be in scare quotes). We won’t have white Christian supremacists running the executive branch.

That’s not enough, but I think fewer people will die. That has to mean something. Maybe, just maybe, we can even get some good things done–or at the very least repair some of the damage.

And I think the left, construed somewhat broadly, but not too broadly, needs to have a long, hard think about what we could do better, so we can push things farther down the field.

Anyway, here’s to hoping.

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5 Responses to Kind of Stunned into Silence

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    “believe” should be in scare quotes, too. He doesn’t believe in the herd immunity strategy as such. He doesn’t care. About anything or anyone. It is the path that allows him to push for bumping the stock market with the least amount of work on his part – he just doesn’t want to do anything at all, and this gives his laziness a scientific-sounding excuse.

  2. Phil Sopher says:

    Just thought I’d mention: Some five or six years ago (in the pre-Trump era, I believe) you considered stopping your links round-up posts b/c you figured it was redundant with your Twitter posts. I and several others talked you out of it.

    Since I’m now following you on Twitter, you have my blessing (which, I know, means the world to you) to reconsider that possibility in this new age. I very much enjoy having your link round-ups, but it obviously takes some time and energy. So I prefer you to keep going, but cost/benefit etc.

    Hopefully your brilliant run of signing statements will finally be coming to an end, so I’m guessing you might be thinking of change. Thanks for your voice.

  3. I think this post is much better than your problematic hawt taek yesterday. The focus on “we” rather than on “those lousy terrible democrats who insist on caring about women and minorities” is a good shift.

    (One thing I didn’t say yesterday: only ~30% of people in the US are college grads.)

  4. ElHongo says:

    A not-so-well-known fact:

    Merely signing the Rome Statute will make the US party to the ICC.

    Considering Trump’s – or his closes inner circle’s, for the guy, for all his malice, is a driveling fool incapable of coordinated action on his own – personal Covid body count is an estimated 180.000 in the US, with the accoring number of nonfatal cases, their actions aided and abetted global spread of the virus.

    Which is a Crime aganst Humanity.

    Here is a real opportunity to prevent any and all obstructions of justice by GOP-packed US courts by simply letting international justice take the load off the US’ back. The US is urgently advised to seize it ASAP.

    If the US wants him dead, an indictment for the more severe crime of genocide (as per US but not ICC standards, as you laid out earlier) is still an option. No double jeopardy for the wicked.

    Any “solution” that does not very much terminate the Trump lineage simply *isn’t*. The Romanians could be lenient towards Ceaușescu’s brats because those were just upswept white trash; IIRC their sons turned unremarkable petty criminals, their daughter an unremarkable slut. The US can’t afford this.
    Yes, even the little one, I’m sorry but this degeneracy is born, not bred; however the molecular details, it is plain to see and it is incurable. One look at “Big Game Hunter” Eric and “Total War” Jr. suffices to know the little one will grow up to be the same sort of monster. And I dont mean their fugly mugs. Who needs pseudoscience when their actions speak volumes.
    And Kushner is hardly less of a deranged sociopath than his stepdad. FFS he was *chosen* in party to “further ennoble the bloodline”; the Trump clan has been pop eugenicists *since eugenics became a thing*.

    And there we are: Science-Denying Self-Declared Übermenschen Turn Out Real-Life “Bad Kallikaks”.
    Gee wiz. Who’d have thunk?

  5. hipparchia says:

    what can we do? get rid of paygo. bring back earmarks and pork barrels. this will give the right and left a bunch of TANGIBLE things to fight over (like we used to do) and it also gives us a way to give our rightwing frenemies things that they want without our having to give up things that we want (you vote for my equal rights amendment, i’ll vote for your bridge to nowhere).

    anyway… things for which i owe you my eternal thanks –

    — a new trump executive order caption for every links post for FOUR YEARS! no matter how dark things looked on any given day, i could always find something that appealed to my admittedly dark sense of humor; and

    — introducing me to mmt, because i used to feel guilty to the point of helplessness about wanting the government to pay for, say, my medical care because i couldn’t bear the thought of costing low-income families their food stamps; and

    — all the science links, because science is still my first love, even if i don’t get (paid) to do it any more.

    (no, this is not a goodbye cruel world comment, it’s just that i’m going to miss your links posts terribly if you do stop doing them)

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