Links 11/2/20

Links for you. Science:

The Challenges We Face Once a Coronavirus Vaccine Is Found
Why cracking down on the shark fin trade may be easier than we thought
What are Asian giant hornets, and are they really that dangerous? 5 questions answered
NASA’s new rocket would be the most powerful ever. But it’s the software that has some officials worried.
Covid had spared Alaska’s most remote villages. Not anymore.


We need ‘a landslide victory’: Legendary activist Daniel Ellsberg explains why progressives should vote Biden (“Few beliefs among progressives have been so thoroughly tested in empirical reality over the last twenty years–and few have been so thoroughly discredited–than the idea that running third party candidates in swing states during close elections is a good way to build a progressive voting bloc.”)
Conservative Supreme Court justices are threatening a post-election coup
The World Is Trapped in America’s Culture War
Why it’s time to retire ‘Election Day’
How Trump Maneuvered His Way Out of Trouble in Chicago
Removing Cops From Behavioral Crisis Calls: ‘We Need To Change The Model’
Trump didn’t build his border wall with steel. He built it out of paper.
North Carolina’s Police Attack on Election Marchers Had a Long History Behind It. A racist sheriff and a system of voter suppression meet in a cloud of pepper spray.
Why so many Poles are breaking with the Catholic Church
Why Not Impeach Clarence Thomas?
Biden wasn’t my first choice. But voting for him is the only responsible thing to do.
Veteran journalist and author Robert Fisk dies aged 74
Pro-Trump voices have Mark Zuckerberg’s ear. Is that why Facebook undermines liberal news sites?
The White Extremist Group Patriot Front Is Preparing For A World After Donald Trump. In its secret chat, the group that sprang from Charlottesville is creating a new generation of white supremacists.
Portland is living in America’s terrifying future
Election Day will be the media’s D-Day. The skill we need most is the one we’ve never mastered.
How to make an election crisis
D.C. at odds with federal government over multibillion-dollar redevelopment of Union Station (one more reason why D.C. needs two senators)
Principals critical of D.C. school system’s plan to reopen elementary schools
Record 200 Days With No Local Case Makes Taiwan World’s Envy
This Uber driver died of COVID-19. Proposition 22 will sway his family’s fate

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