Polls and the Republican Judiciary’s Electoral Mulligan

Over the last couple weeks, a fair number of Professional Politics Knowers have opined that rank-and-file Dems are being a bit silly in their worries that the polls are overstating Biden’s lead over Trump. That particular bit of ‘wisdom’ is one reason why most pundits should be ignored: if you’re that ignorant of the voters you’re discussing, then you’re likely ignorant of a great many things.

The concern most Democrats I know have isn’t the accuracy of the polls, but the uncertainty of how much extra Democrats will have to win by to overcome the Republican electoral mulligan granted by a right-wing judiciary. Instead of having to win by ‘fifty percent plus one’, Democrats will likely have to win by fifty percent plus one plus some additional factor which is impossible to determine due to the Republican-controlled courts. The rightwing judiciary has made it clear that they will make up whatever ersatz principle they need in order to limit the Democratic vote.

That’s what is making Democrats nervous, not the polls.

Republican Daddy will never save you, but voting in person or dropping off your ballot might.

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1 Response to Polls and the Republican Judiciary’s Electoral Mulligan

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    Well, waiting for SCOTUS to weigh in (again).

    In spite of BK’s full-of-crap decision write-up on Wisconsin, that isn’t Roberts’s and Alito’s position, per the PA and NC cases. They really want to defend their ruling on the voting rights act by basically deferring to the states. In this, they blocked the challenges to Wisconsin (the legislature held the terms), but also blocked the challenges to NC and PA by Republicans when those states opened up the rules for absentee.

    The question then is how much are they deferring to the state law as written by the legislature vs how much leeway the secretary of state for the state has for setting the terms.

    That’s the SCOTUS position from what I can tell reading through the various ones that have gotten that far…but of course, it is a nightmare going through the much more biased courts that were packed and stacked by Trump and McConnell in the last 2 years to finally get to it.

    The MN judge clearly did not read Alito’s decisions for NC and PA in the slightest.

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