Links 10/13/20

Links for you. Science:

Identify the Different Symptoms of the Flu and Covid-19
SARS-CoV-2 Cluster in Nursery, Poland
Trump’s Covid-plagued White House proves testing alone can’t keep America safe
The climate science behind this year’s wildfires and powerful storms
The Coronavirus Unveiled


The Swamp That Trump Built: A businessman-president transplanted favor-seeking in Washington to his family’s hotels and resorts — and earned millions as a gatekeeper to his own administration. (not going after Trump on emoluments violations was such a catastrophic mistake)
Court Packing Can Be an Instrument of Justice. If Republicans replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett, they should pay a price.
‘Eventually something works, and then you just keep doing that’: An interview with Ken Klippenstein
D.C. Statehood Is A Civil Rights Issue For Young Activists
Why Liberals Pretend They Have No Power. Elite politicians invoke the rhetoric of national emergency only to behave like hapless passengers trapped aboard a sinking ship.
‘The Drug Became His Friend’: Pandemic Drives Hike in Opioid Deaths
Mail-In Voter Fraud: Anatomy of a Disinformation Campaign
The I.R.S. Is Outgunned. The agency doesn’t have the resources to battle the tax lawyers of the ultrarich. Trump’s returns are just one example of how little the wealthy pay.
Pence ordered borders closed after CDC experts refused
The Sackler Family’s Plan to Keep Its Billions. The Trump Administration is poised to make a settlement with Purdue Pharma that it can claim as a victory for opioid victims. But the proposed outcome would leave the company’s owners enormously wealthy—and off the hook for good.
The Martyrdom of Donald Trump
‘It’s been so, so surreal.’ Critics of Sweden’s lax pandemic policies face fierce backlash
Republicans aren’t being honest about why Amy Coney Barrett has their support. They can’t be.
Stealing “libertarianism”
COVID cases since June by partisanship
Amy Coney Barrett Is As Cynical As Trump
How to Cover a Sick Old Man: The president is hospitalized and reporters are fighting for basic facts. What should elderly leaders — many of America’s top politicians are over 80 — reveal about their health?
A Real Estate Firm Co-Owned by Jared Kushner Is Looking to Profit From the Pandemic
‘The Coal Industry Is Back,’ Trump Proclaimed. It Wasn’t.
Mayor Bowser has $219,000 in her fund for needy residents. During the pandemic, she has given $0. (when D.C. becomes a state, it will be interesting to see if anything happens to these funds)
The Left Can Win the American South

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