Links 10/10/20

Links for you. Science:

Washington State Officials Hunt for Colony of ‘Murder Hornets’
Steps for Reducing COVID Transmission (other than the vitamin D advice, very good)
No, Regeneron Did Not Cure Donald Trump of Covid-19
Herbert Tabor, scientist who worked 77 years at NIH, dies at 101
New England’s Forests Are Sick. They Need More Tree Doctors.


Trump’s America Remains Stuck in the Shadow of Reagan. Only a few decades old, the corporate autocracy the former president unleashed on the United States is not natural law. It had to be created, and it can also be undone.
It’s OK to Be Furious at Trump About His Covid Diagnosis
Some wrong lessons people will learn from the president’s illness, hospitalization, and expected recovery
Twitter bans posts wishing for Trump death. The Squad wonders where that policy was for them
White House coronavirus outbreak may have exposed thousands from Atlanta to Minnesota
The Republican Party thinks only weaklings die of COVID-19
Prestigious medical journal calls for US leadership to be voted out over Covid-19 failure
The “White House Raccoon” Strikes Again
What is QAnon and Why Does Your Aunt Keep Posting About It On Facebook?
How a crease in Biden’s shirt spawned a debate conspiracy theory
Political violence is coming from one direction in this country: The far right
The Anti-Filibuster Armies Are Mounting Up
Strength Does Not Beat Viruses. The metaphors that Trump and others use when talking about COVID-19 are making the pandemic worse.
Former NFL player is a ‘technical adviser’ to companies getting eyebrow-raising federal contracts
A Warning From Michigan: The state previews how far Republican judges will go to obstruct Democrats in office.
The Other Democratic Party. To Understand Trump’s Appeal Look to the Tradition of Boss Politics in the Democratic Party.
What Ails America
Trump’s domestic terror policies, rhetoric gave flight to Michigan militiamen’s murderous plot
Mainstreaming MMT
The Republican Party Is Terrified of Voters
Republican Lawmakers Introduce Three Bills To Block Or Limit D.C. Statehood (fuckers–and this is why Democrats, if they win, need to move on this: Republicans might very well come up with a solution no one wants)
Did the White House superspreader event just reach into Amy Coney Barrett’s kids’ school?

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2 Responses to Links 10/10/20

  1. Boris says:

    Okaaaaaay; what’s up with the Vitamin D then?

    • ProNewerDeal says:

      Mike, I am also curious about your take on Vitamin D. Dr. John Campbell (nurse) podcast notes an email from Dr Fauci where Fauci himself takes 6000 IU/day. Both Campbell & pathologist Dr Chris Martenson have cited studies about Vitamin D is correlated with lower infection prevalence (Israeli study), & in hospital treatment with lower death & severe outcomes like patient needing ventilator.

      Taking say 4000 IU/day prophylactically is seemingly a no-brainer.

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