Links 9/14/20

Links for you. Science:

The Good Old Days
I know the technical PCR nerdery is hard for the general public. I feel this whenever I read a hardcore immunology paper!A few thoughts on the concerns about PCR. (excellent)
Nantucket finds ‘community spread’ of COVID-19 among tradespeople (“Nantucket has experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases and is seeing “community spread” among tradespeople working in construction, landscaping, and cleaning who are sharing transportation to workplaces…”)
The loneliness of long-haul COVID: My son and I have battled the coronavirus for six months (“It was the first time a doctor saw me in person, and she was visibly upset at how sick I looked, as well as shocked by the lack of care I’d received.”)
Antarctica Is Still Free Of COVID-19. Can It Stay That Way?


Trump lied about science
How Charles Koch Is Buying Credibility With Academic Investments
Wall Street Is Making Millions Off Police Brutality. So-called “police-brutality bonds” are a transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street.
Egalitarian Ethics and the Spirit of Socialism
Treating American Empire
How To Be A Respectable Public Intellectual
Why Massachusetts has the highest unemployment rate in the country
Mary Trump Delivers A Stark Warning About 4 More Years Of Her ‘Weak’ Uncle (the key point is that a narcissist, if not checked, is a horrible garbage person)
What Markey’s Victory Meant For The Left
Prayer amid pandemic: As Rosh Hashanah approaches, Jews adjust to worshiping in ways that keep them safe
‘It’s Out Of Control’: How QAnon Undermines Legitimate Anti-Trafficking Efforts
So many Boston restaurants have closed. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. With PPP money running dry and the outdoor dining season coming to a close, the industry is on a precipice.
A realist’s case against despair
Joe Biden told us the election was a ‘battle for the soul of the nation.’ He was right.
Five myths about antifa
Massachusetts is locking up more Black and Latino people, for longer, and yes, it’s about race
10 Ways Trump Is Becoming a Dictator, Election Edition
Toots Hibbert helped give reggae its name, its sound and its enduring grace
Whistleblower reveals how Trump has unleashed another plague: white-supremacist terrorism
Donald Is No Dove: The president’s criticism of military contractors is belied by his commitment to fattening their pockets.
Citigroup Was Having a Helluva Bad Year – Now a Citi Senior VP Has Been Outed as the Man Behind a QAnon Conspiracy Website (“A senior IT executive at one of the country’s largest banks – who would potentially have access to tens of millions of bank customers’ information like Social Security numbers and credit card numbers – effectively had a secret identity and was running a secret side business that was collecting personal information for a group the FBI believes is a potential domestic terrorist threat.”)

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