Links 4/18/12

Links for you. Science:

Is whole genome sequencing fading? Will it rebound (or relapse)? (for humans, maybe. For bacteria, it’s about to explode)
A Sharp Rise in Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform
Math paper retracted because it “contains no scientific content”
Persistent myths about open access scientific publishing: Academic publishers do not pay peer reviewers, and lack of funds is no bar to publication in an open access journal
Robert R. Sokal, R.I.P.


Who Wants Taxes To Be More Complicated? An unholy alliance of tax prep firms and conservative activists, that’s who. (my take here)
Nothing says Massachusetts like the Stars and Bars (and nothing says asshole like the American Swastika)
U.S. Teen Birthrates Are Down, But Still High in These States
Katie Roiphe’s Newsweek cover story reveals Tina Brown’s S&M editing of women writers
VA Tech Massacre 5 Years Later And More Guns Than Ever
Why the Huffington Post doesn’t equivocate on issues like global warming (now if they would only get rid of the medical woo)
Jews Cast Wary Eye on Evangelicals
Facebook update reveals problem of race and emergency work
When is a Social Problem no Longer a Social Problem?
Climate Change Could Cripple New York’s Transportation System
The Democrats’ Duty: Bring the GOP Back from Crazy
Why Bill Gates Is A Hero And Donald Trump Is A Zero

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