Links 9/6/20

Links for you. Science:

She Claimed To Fight For Survivors Of Sexual Harassment In Science. But For Many, She Added To The Pain.
Experts see a chance for a Covid-19 vaccine approval this fall — if it’s done right
Could Rapid Coronavirus Testing Help Life Return To Normal?
They Know How to Prevent Megafires. Why Won’t Anybody Listen?
Mucoidy, a general mechanism for maintaining lytic phage in populations of bacteria


Bowser Calls For Law and Order, Exposes Her Police Department’s Overzealous Arrests: Even the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney won’t touch ’em.
Service Workers Describe Rude Customers, Health Risks During COVID-19
The Smart Way to Fix the Filibuster: Rather than completely eliminate the procedure, Democrats should reform it so that it continues to exist for truly extraordinary circumstances.
Herd Immunity Is Not a Strategy: What the term actually means, and what it doesn’t
You Think Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse With the Pandemic? Think again. The past two weeks have been nothing short of a clusterfuck in Washington
The Inevitable Whitelash Against Racial Justice Has Started
Blue Bloods: America’s Brotherhood of Police Officers: To understand the citadel of law enforcement, we must reckon with its unions—which resemble fraternities more than labor unions.
Jackson Heights, Global Town Square
Iowa was reporting false COVID-19 information for months, until this nurse blew the whistle. State epidemiologist knew about the problem since July
I Was a U.S. Diplomat. Customs and Border Protection Only Cared That I Was Black.
Inside the Hidden World of Legacy IT Systems: How and why we spend trillions to keep old software going
3 in 5 Adults Say They’d Get a COVID-19 Test if Exposed, Even if They Were Asymptomatic
Trump’s Vaccine Can’t Be Trusted: If a vaccine comes out before the election, there are very good reasons not to take it.
These students figured out their tests were graded by AI — and the easy way to cheat
A Report on the Life of Alice Carter Highlights Gaps in D.C.’s Continuity of Care System (actual report here)
The Government’s Response to the Virus is Sabotage, Not Incompetence: The corruption of these storied health organizations is the biggest scandal of the pandemic
We’re on our own
D.C. Has Been ‘Destroyed By Rioters,’ Claims Someone Who Clearly Hasn’t Looked Out Their Window
Here’s how to safely go to the salon during the pandemic, according to stylists and health experts
Japan has the world’s oldest population. Yet it dodged a coronavirus crisis at elder-care facilities.

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