Links 9/2/20

Links for you. Science:

Oscillations in U.S. COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality Data Reflect Diagnostic and Reporting Factors
How ‘elite controllers’ tame HIV without drugs
U.S. Buys Almost All Abbott’s $5 Rapid Tests Made This Year
Moderna and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine candidates require ultra-low temperatures, raising questions about storage, distribution
Cluster of SARS-CoV-2 infections linked to music clubs in Osaka, Japan: asymptomatically infected persons can transmit the virus as soon as 2 days after infection


A killer whale was headed toward a sea otter in Kachemak Bay. Then the otter hopped on a boat — and stayed there.
In alarming move, CDC says people exposed to COVID-19 do not need testing
The Dead World of Blippi
Ivanka Trump shared a video of her meeting a homeless D.C. woman. That woman says she’s still waiting for her to keep a promise.
Kellyanne Conway undermined the truth like no other Trump official. And journalists enabled her.
She Was Sued Over Rent She Didn’t Owe. It Took Seven Court Dates to Prove She Was Right.
China Secretly Built A Vast New Infrastructure To Imprison Muslims
Mel Krupin, a Giant of DC Dining, Has Died: The Duke Zeibert’s maitre d’ was once one of the most revered gatekeepers in town.
After GOP attacks, D.C. residents launch statehood campaign to show they’re ‘real people’
This Is Not a Recipe for ‘Order.’ It’s a Recipe for Chaos. The words of Tucker Carlson and Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis are profoundly dangerous.
There’s a New and Formidable Center of Power in This Country. The NBA Wildcat Strike Proves It.
‘This change in policy will kill’: Experts troubled by CDC changes to COVID-19 testing guidelines
The White House Says It’s Assembling a “Dossier” on a Washington Post Reporter: Besides saying it’s keeping records on David Fahrenthold, the White House also ordered the Post to stop reporting on President Trump’s business interests.
This Brennan Center Report on White Supremacy in Law Enforcement Arrived With Impeccable Timing
Fighting off a disease takes more than vaccines, and we’ve lost a critical battle over the last week
Kenosha Tells Us More About Where the Right Is Headed Than the R.N.C. Did. The conservative media’s embrace of Kyle Rittenhouse speaks volumes about its priorities.
On Aaron Carroll’s Coronavirus cap-and-trade
Police reforms face defeat as California Democrats block George Floyd-inspired bills
Caught in the ‘kettle:’ The inside story of Swann Street
How Trump May Be Plotting to Stay Out of Jail

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