Links 8/30/20

Links for you. Science:

How Bacteria-Eating Bacteria Could Help Win the War Against Germs. While microscopic and little known, predatory bacteria are among the world’s fiercest and most effective hunters.
A tweetorial on the t-test
Biogen conference likely led to 20,000 COVID-19 cases in Boston area, researchers say: A new study shows the Biogen conference held at Boston’s Marriott Long Wharf hotel in February played a far greater role in spreading the coronavirus than previously thought. (manuscript here)
The Unrecognized Threat of Secondary Bacterial Infections with COVID-19
To Test Spread of Coronavirus, These Scientists Put on a Concert


Weakness is provocative (very interesting)
Let the Culture Wars Begin. Again. Long before Trump, there was Pat Buchanan. The 2020 Republican convention is looking strangely like the 1992 edition.
Grief Is the Unofficial Theme of the Biden Campaign, and That’s Exactly What We Need (don’t think grief beats rage, but I hope I’m wrong)
Chinese-Made Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From People Around The World
A new kind of placemaking has transformed Richmond’s Monument Avenue
Months Into The Pandemic, Many D.C.-Area Residents Still Haven’t Gotten Their Unemployment Benefits
Four More Years of What Exactly? Don’t ask Trump. All he has to offer is a nonstop parade of conspiracy, demagogy and grievance.
When The Fever Breaks
High-End Punjab Grill Has Been Delivering Lunch to Homeless People Downtown for Months
Trump mega-donor Louis DeJoy’s testimony makes clear: He can’t be trusted with the post office
He did something abhorrent as a child. What should the consequences be as an adult?
Trump Administration Insider: President Wanted to ‘Maim’ Migrants
An RNC Speaker Said Cops Would Be ‘Smart’ to Racially Profile Her Own Son: “Statistically, my brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons,” anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson said in a YouTube video earlier this year.
Ars readers on the present and future of work: “It will suck, until it suddenly stops sucking.” (office work)
The Party of No Content: Republicans are remarkably quiet on how they would govern and what they seek to accomplish in the coming years.
Alex Morse Was Accused, Condemned and Then Vindicated. Will His Experience Change Anything? Vague allegations against the Massachusetts congressional candidate offer a case study in how progressives navigate issues of sex and power in politics when judgment is often swift and unforgiving.
The Coronavirus Generation: The virus doesn’t sicken kids as much as adults. But it can still destroy their futures. A child allowance would help.
The Lesson Americans Never Learn: Trying to replace the government with personal initiative requires an impossible amount of energy.
The Abolition Movement: What we talk about when we talk about addressing the savage roots of policing: justice and safety for everyone.
Beware of Facts Man: Facts Man is less about truth than raising questions. Why can’t Facts Man talk about certain issues in exactly the way he wants to?
Nobody Could Have Predicted

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