Links 8/23/20

Links for you. Science:

A review of artificial intelligence applications for antimicrobial resistance
Covid-19 Drug Research Is a Big Huge Mess. Scientists have been studying treatments for the disease for half a year. Lack of coordination and a broken system mean they still don’t know very much.
Herd Immunity For COVID-19 Is Still A Terrible Idea
‘The mystery is over’: Researchers say they know what happened to ‘Lost Colony’
The Race to Investigate a Coronavirus Outbreak at a Georgia Prep School


The Most Tremendous Reelection Campaign in American History Ever: Inside the chaotic, desperate, last-minute Trump 2020 reboot.
‘We’re Desperate’: Transit Cuts Felt Deepest in Low-Income Areas. As the pandemic wreaks havoc on public transit systems across the country, experts say it is low-income residents, people of color and essential workers bearing the brunt.
The Republican Sneak Attack on Michigan’s Mask Mandate Could Be Devastating
Ocasio-Cortez Welcomes Help From Anti-Trump Republicans in Defeating President—But Rejects Kasich’s Attempt to Define Party
Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Party On With Bill and Ted
Inside QAnon, the Conspiracy Cult that’s Devouring America. A fast-growing group of celebrity-crazed conspiracy theorists believes JFK Jr. is alive, Adam Schiff runs a sex ring on the Sunset Strip, and Donald Trump is God—and it’s more influential than you think
John Kasich Should Shut His Gob About What Qualifies as ‘Extreme’
The Democratic National Convention Speaker List Is a Look at the Party’s Identity Crisis. Nothing says progressive change like giving speaking time to Republican tech lobbyists.
Fed up with anti-maskers, mask advocates are demanding mandates, fines — and common courtesy. (the last paragraph, oof)
After Mishaps With App, Online Voter Registration Is No Longer Available In D.C. (can’t blame Trump for this)
Putin Ordered 2016 Democratic Hack, GOP-Led Panel Concludes
There’s a Brutal Crackdown Underway in Belarus. It Should Be a Wake-up Call for America.
Want to Flee the City for Suburbia? Think Again. The 20th century is full of examples of the false promise of suburban living.
Manafort was ‘grave counterintelligence threat’ due to Russian contacts, Senate panel says
Police took man’s bag at Black Lives Matter Plaza, leaving him homeless, lawsuit says
Postal Service Has Plenty of Capacity to Deliver Mail-In Ballots: USPS even has a $10 billion line of credit from the Treasury. Trump’s entire story is a fabrication.
Why the Fuck Is Creepy Bill Clinton Speaking at the Democratic Convention?
Do D.C.’s Slow Streets Benefit Everyone? The initiative that limits vehicle traffic and lowers speed limits is getting mixed reviews.
Bill Clinton Shouldn’t Speak at the DNC. Al Gore Should.
Are Local Pizza Shops Being Burned by the National Pepperoni Shortage?
Trump’s unhinged Twitter meltdown shows Michelle Obama drew blood
The President Does Not Care Whether You Live or Die: Trump’s response to a line in Michelle Obama’s speech was nearly as horrifying as “it is what it is.”

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