USPS and an Atypical Reaction to a Democratic Response

With the ongoing attempt by Trump apparatchik and U.S. Postmaster General DeJoy to destroy the ability of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the mail (kind of a core function), many Democratic politicians took to the Intertoobz to condemn DeJoy. It was the typical professional Democratic pablum: evincing concern, perhaps condemnation, without proposing anything. Think of it as a kinder, gentler Republican Senator Susan Collins.

What was uncharacteristic was the response. While those of us in the ‘radical left’ (which is to say, New Deal Democrats) wanted Democratic officials to do more than display concern, what was surprising was the number of people on my Twitter feed who did the same thing (yes, I’m talking about my Twitter feed, which is hardly representative. Bear with me). Similar expressions of anger, along the lines of ‘well, what are you going to do’ were coming from people who either don’t discuss politics or who typically adopt the ‘MAH KWEEN DID A SASSY CLAP!’ fanboi/grrl stance. Yes, there were some who were trying to defend them, but most weren’t.

It would seem the prospect of being disenfranchised, combined with friends and relatives (or themselves) not receiving critical medications tends to focus one’s attention. In response to this atypical reaction by the Democratic rank-and-file, at least some Democrats (including Joe Manchin?!?) began seriously examining the problem; now, the House is returning to Washington to begin investigations and hearings. That’s good: if nothing else, it would allow Democrats to make the case that ‘Republicans want to deny your parents their medication in order to win an election’, which, unlike all the Benghazi shit Republicans flogged non-stop, has the advantage of being true.

That’s all good, but now we need to push further: any member of the USPS Board of Governors* who voted for DeJoy** should be impeached. Given the Republican controlled Senate, they likely wouldn’t be removed (though who knows?), but respectable CEOs and their shareholders definitely don’t want this kind of attention. It also would force the Senate to defend the fuckers who wanted to murder your mom slow down the mail to win an election. Intelligent Designer forbid, Democratic politicians actually engage in… politics.

We live, unfortunately, in interesting times.

*The Postmaster General is no longer approved by Congress; instead, he is appointed by the Congressionally-approved Board of Governors, so it’s unclear if DeJoy himself could be impeached. This, ironically, was part of a series of 1971 reforms designed to insulate the Postmaster General from political influence–they simply didn’t realize that the Postmaster General himself could be corrupt, as opposed to corrupted by political pressure.

**I haven’t been able to find any record of the actual vote, so I don’t know if it was unanimous. Hopefully, some of the Democratic appointees didn’t approve, though, given Obama’s attempt to fill vacancies with known privatizers, who knows?

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