Links 7/25/20

Links for you. Science:

How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last?
An invisible hand: Patients aren’t being told about the AI systems advising their care
America’s Innovation Engine Is Slowing
Evolutionary Stabilization of Cooperative Toxin Production through a Bacterium-Plasmid-Phage Interplay
Random Testing in Indiana Shows COVID-19 is 6 Times Deadlier Than Flu, and 2.8% of the State Has Been Infected


Trump’s incompetent virus response was decades in the making (must-read)
What a Trump loss could look like
We Need to Speak Honestly About the GOP’s Evolution Into a Conspiracy Cult
‘No mask, no entry. Is that clear enough? That seems pretty clear, right?’
Harvard public health experts call for reopening schools and then explain why we should not do that (assume a can opener)
The Border War in Portland
Violent protest clashes turned Portland into a ‘right-wing boogeyman.’ Here’s how it happened.
To Be a Parent Right Now Is To Be a Liar
I was in downtown Portland yesterday at the courthouse and justice center and took some pictures.
Are We Supposed to Pretend We Aren’t in the Hands of a Madman? This is crazy bananas stuff aimed at scaring white people who live no closer to, say, Baltimore than they do to the moon.
For Trump, ‘Local Control’ Is Only for the Suburbs
The National Zoo Reopens Friday. Only Some of the Animals Missed You.
How Mitch McConnell’s Hostility to the Unemployment Supplement Puts Ordinary Americans’ Welfare at Risk
The hidden hand that uses money to reform troubled police departments
For its COVID-19 response, Utah leaned on business consultants to steer logistics
What You Need To Know About The Battle of Portland
Politicians and Business Interests Pushed Health Officials Aside to Control Reopening. Then Cases Exploded.
Trump’s authoritarian crackdown is so bad that even some in the GOP are blasting it
Will the news media make the same mistake this election?
Republicans Keep Flunking Microbe Economics
How to Fix America: Spend. Spend. Spend.
Trump May Use DHS Stormtroopers To Stop People from Voting. Democrats must plan accordingly.

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