Links 7/17/20

Links for you. Science:

A New Understanding of Herd Immunity: The portion of the population that needs to get sick is not fixed. We can change it. (“We have the wealth in this country to care for people, and to set the herd-immunity threshold where we choose.” Indeed.)
Airborne coronavirus transmission: The WHO says aerosol Covid-19 transmission “cannot be ruled out.” Here’s what that means.
CDC Employees Call Out Agency’s ‘Toxic Culture Of Racial Aggressions’
Moderna spars with U.S. scientists over COVID-19 vaccine trials


In Some Countries, Normal Life Is Back. Not Here. Trump’s incompetence has wrecked us. Where are the calls for him to resign? (resignation should be the moderate position, ritual self-disembowelment on the White House is what’s called for)
America Drank Away Its Children’s Future (he’s not wrong)
My Virus. A Biography. (four months)
What To Do About Jefferson
Blog about a column about the Harper’s letter: Here’s some discourse about a discourse about what happens when the discourse takes precedence over reality
A Land of Monopolists: From Portable Toilets to Mixed Martial Arts
If You Want to Save the Economy, Stop the Pandemic
Richard Rose: Ohio Man Dies of COVID-19 After Saying Masks Were Hype (sad, but important to read in full)
The National Gallery Of Art Will Partially Reopen Next Week
Designing to Survive: As we try to understand the role of architecture post-pandemic, we have to first better understand the ways we inhabit buildings and move through space
D.C. To Conduct Citywide Coronavirus Antibody Survey
Two D.C.-area restaurant employees were assaulted after enforcing mask rules. Others worry they will be next.
The ludicrous plot against Fauci
The Washington Ballet thought a virtual fundraiser was safe. But it still may have put artists at risk.
This Was a Straight-Up Mob-Style Transaction
Trump and his minions are trying to destroy Fauci. No wonder the U.S. is doing so poorly.
‘Things Are Not as Expected’: Inside Rome’s New Normal
The Washington Death Cult Moves to Fix Education
Workers are pushed to the brink as they continue to wait for delayed unemployment payments
America’s libraries are essential now — and this beautifully renovated one in Washington gives us hope (though, due to the pandemic, IT’S NOT FUCKING OPEN)
The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse. We Must Act Now. A comprehensive shutdown may be required in much of the country.

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