Links 7/14/20

Links for you. Science:

Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in Spain (ENE-COVID): a nationwide, population-based seroepidemiological study
Why we need sharks: the true nature of the ocean’s ‘monstrous villains’
Longitudinal isolation of potent near-germline SARS-CoV-2-neutralizing antibodies from COVID-19 patients
COVID-19 deaths and lead time bias.
Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms


How Many Sick Children and Teachers Are Worth It? What About Dead Ones? (excellent)
No One Should Be Surprised That America Abandoned the Elderly to Die
Dan Snyder Started a Foundation to Support Native Americans. Has It Abandoned Its Mission? (Snyder is a horrible person)
Riots Long Ago, Luxury Living Today: High-end development has transformed some Black neighborhoods decades after they were scarred by unrest. And not by coincidence. (the Washington Post’s treatment from two years ago is the definitive story)
Joe Biden Still Doesn’t Have a Plan to Stop Oil and Gas Production
Florida Democratic Candidates Organize to Protest Florida Democratic Party (professional Democrats suck at their jobs)
Joe Kennedy III Hired a Cop to Advise Him on Race and Justice (“Working for O’Keefe meant working for the criminalization of poverty.”)
Ronald Reagan Wasn’t the Good Guy President Anti-Trump Republicans Want You to Believe In (no shit)
They’re Throwing the Lawless Traitor Out of the Place Where Laws Are Made
Domestic terrorism database of the Trump years shows how the radical right has gone on a rampage
The Republican coronavirus meatgrinder
‘You get made fun of’: Trump campaign office shuns masks, social distancing (you’ll never guess what happened next!)
Why Trump’s trade war failed
The Coddling of the Elites. Free speech for whom, exactly?
A Tiny Province in the Arctic Is Standing Up to Vladimir Putin
Yavne: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine (coming from Beinart, this is a serious shift)
The Only Education Matter Betsy DeVos Ever ‘Thought Hard’ About Was How to Make a Buck On It
Portland Place couple who confronted protesters have a long history of not backing down (‘back down’ means being grade A assholes, including destroying a synagogue’s bee hives that were going to make honey for Rosh Hashanah; horrible people)
“Ghislaine, Is That You?”: Inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s Life on the Lam
Climate-change denial and the coronavirus “hoax” are the same conspiracy theory. Coronavirus denialism is built on the same template conservatives have used to deny climate change for decades (arguably, began with the (re-)embrace of creationism in the 1980s)
The Breathe Act (pdf)

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