Links 7/3/20

Links for you. Science:

Asymptomatic transmission and the infection fatality risk for COVID-19: Implications for school reopening
The Gray Cockatoo Is Lonely Without You. Some zoo residents are doing just fine without visitors. And some are making it clear how much they rely on human interaction.
I Quit
What’s So Hard About Developing A COVID-19 Vaccine? We Asked A Scientist (“In the U.S., the NIH was not willing to support that kind of fundamental research because its budget is too limited.”)
Scientist Tests What Happens If You Sneeze With And Without A Mask, Shares His Findings


What Law Did We Break? How the NYPD Weaponized a Curfew Against Protesters and Residents (must-read)
From pandering to Putin to abusing allies and ignoring his own advisers, Trump’s phone calls alarm US officials (narcissists gonna narcissist)
One of America’s Wealthiest States Might Pass Up an Opportunity to Tackle Housing Segregation
The Secret History of New England’s Sundown Towns
Washington Post public editor: Jeff Bezos could solve pay equality tomorrow. He makes token gestures instead.
Red-state reopening has been a disaster — and Republican hopes for a comeback are collapsing
At Lincoln Park, Generations Disagree Over Statue Removal As Protests Enter Fifth Week
Time For Another Blogger Ethics Panel
Cheating Spouses, Secret Addictions and Identities—Marriages Are Buckling Under Covid Quarantine
The True Cost of Dollar Stores
Universal Health Care Supports Thailand’s Coronavirus Strategy
House candidate’s daughters beg voters not to pick him (“Then when they go off to college, quite frankly they get involved with these Marxist/socialist universities and they start getting indoctrinated with things that are completely polar opposite from where you raised them.”)
America Didn’t Give Up on Covid-19. Republicans Did.
Alan Kohler sits down with Professor Stephanie Kelton, author of the NYT Bestseller ‘The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy’ to take a deep dive into modern monetary theory and why inflation, not deficits themselves, are evidence of overspending, the idea of a job guarantee, plus much more.
Remote School Is a Nightmare. Few in Power Care. Government should treat the need to reopen schools as an emergency.
‘The avatar of cop violence in Boston’: Police captain routinely crosses line, activists say
‘Heroes, right?’ Anthony Almojera, on being a New York City paramedic and the injustices of covid-19
Senate Democrats to Consider Using Power to Pass Laws If Elected
Police Are Determined to Prove Protesters’ Point
Rep. Jim Clyburn warns committee Republicans they won’t be allowed to speak unless they wear masks
Being Held Hostage By The Cost Of Insurrection
Hard-hit tribe takes strict steps as virus surges in Arizona
Once again, John Roberts tries to save the Republican Party from itself

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