Links 6/26/20

Links for you. Science:

We’re about to enter the era of the coronavirus super-spreader: Preliminary evidence suggests that 20 per cent of people are responsible for 80 per cent of Covid-19 transmission, putting to focus on events where transmission is high
China Reports Progress in Ultra-Secure Satellite Transmission: Researchers enlisted quantum physics to send a “secret key” for encrypting and decrypting messages between two stations 700 miles apart.
Full genome viral sequences inform patterns of SARS-CoV-2 spread into and within Israel (“…between 1-10% of infected individuals resulting in 80% of secondary infections.”)
Coronavirus Attacks the Lungs. A Federal Agency Just Halted Funding for New Lung Treatments.
‘Recovered’ COVID-19 patients suffer major ongoing physical, cognitive problems


The Social Codes of the Crazy Rich: How Kevin Kwan celebrates and skewers the ultrawealthy
Young Asians and Latinos push their parents to acknowledge racism amid protests
The Confederacy Was an Antidemocratic, Centralized State: The actual Confederate States of America was a repressive state devoted to white supremacy.
D.C. Hasn’t Met Its Contact-Tracing Metric For Phase Two. So Why Is The City Pushing Forward Anyway?
The High Cost of Bad Sidewalks
Youth Movement
D.C. Statehood 2021
As NOAA leaders take fall for ‘Sharpiegate,’ Commerce Department officials have so far escaped scrutiny
How Police-Union Power Helped Increase Abuses
Trump’s rallies—a bizarre mishmash of numerology, tweetology, and white supremacy—are the rituals by which he stamps his name on the American dream. As he prepares to resume them for the first time in months, his followers are ready to receive. (“Nonbelievers, in other words, miss the point. They lack gnosis.”)
Why Juneteenth Matters: It was black Americans who delivered on Lincoln’s promise of “a new birth of freedom.”
Modern Monetary Theory: Neither modern, nor monetary, nor (mainly) theoretical ?
What’s behind Joe Biden’s mystique?
Trump’s Niece to Publish Book With ‘Harrowing’ Revelations
Trump has finally lost control of his narrative. Voters are ready to see him canceled.
Inside the Great British TERF War
How a Raise for Workers Can Be a Win for Everybody
The Police Weren’t Created to ‘Protect and Serve.’ They Were Created to ‘Maintain Order.’ A Brief Look at the History of Police in America
Why the District should buy land in a downturn
Cops and Teachers

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