You Know Who Else Wanted to Defund the Police?

No, not HITLER! Here’s a hint (boldface mine):

President Donald Trump was not shy about his admiration for police officers on the 2016 campaign trail — at one point simply stating, “I love the police. They’re the greatest.”

But when it comes to putting that love into policy, Trump may not be as generous. In his 2019 budget plan, the Trump administration proposes a nearly 50 percent cut to the COPS Hiring Program, which helps hire local police officers.

The program was started in 1994 by the Clinton administration and Congress. It was originally planned to be a six-year program that would hire or redeploy 100,000 more police officers, but the policy proved so popular that it’s been extended every year since then.

Here’s another hint (boldface mine):

The Trump administration proposed a 2.3 percent reduction in the Justice Department’s budget, much of that money coming from grant programs like COPS, which pays for local police agencies to hire new officers. The White House budget plan for the Justice Department in 2020 prioritizes spending for national security, cyber security, immigration enforcement, combating violent crime and addressing the opioid epidemic.

Be like President #BunkerBaby! Defund the police!

In all seriousness, imagine if we flipped welfare spending and police spending.

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