Links 6/12/20

Links for you. Science:

Why Sleep Deprivation Kills
The Impact of Influenza Vaccination on Antibiotic Use in the United States, 2010-2017
Why coronavirus hits men harder: sex hormones offer clues
My best estimate of the amount of viral transmission the protests are likely to cause.
Hydroxychloroquine is not dead yet
Trials for its use against COVID-19 continue, with some researchers still hopeful it can serve as a preventative in people not yet exposed to the virus.


What Really Happened on Swann Street? The police say protesters were kicking in doors. People who were there tell very different stories. (the police were in error? Shocking!)
Why This Started in Minneapolis
In Washington, D.C., a Weekend of Growing and Evolving Protests
The Movement To Defund D.C. Police: In the wake of protests over police brutality, some are left asking whether the D.C. police force’s budget is too big and oversight of the department is too meager.
The N.F.L.’s Change of Tone, and the Limits of Merely Listening
Have You Protested Recently? D.C. Wants You To Get Tested For COVID-19
Woman Sets Up A Feeder Cam In Her Yard And The Photos Are Extraordinary
‘We don’t get justice’: When a black girl’s death from covid-19 feels like a collision of two crises: Black children are being disproportionately impacted by a deadly inflammatory syndrome linked to covid-19. How economic inequality and institutional racism may play a role.
Defund the police? Here’s what that really means.
Tear Gas Is Way More Dangerous Than Police Let On — Especially During the Coronavirus Pandemic
What America can learn from Nordic police
How the Coronavirus Handed the GOP New Ways to Squash the Vote
Good morning to the Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone!
Rush to Vote-by-Mail could cost Dems the Election: Mail-in Voting puts Millions of Minority Ballots at Risk
There’s No Way Around It: Spending on Police in the US Is out of Control
What about police violence against white people?
Spying Before Stonewall: How the FBI Secretly Tracked Gay Activists in the 60s
No Way to Reopen Schools Safely Without Federal Bailout: A new cost estimate from school superintendents shows reopening following CDC guidelines is cost-prohibitive.
Police, Social Order, and Exemplary Violence: What Peasants’ Revolts Have to Teach Us
The Cesspool That Spat Out Trump’s New Conspiracy About Cops
Power Concedes Nothing Without A Credible Threat: Riots Work Edition

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