Links 5/17/20

Links for you. Science:

Finnish-developed, open-source coronavirus vaccine nearly ready for testing
Scientists Find The First Animal That Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive
Coronavirus blood-clot mystery intensifies: Research begins to pick apart the mechanisms behind a deadly COVID-19 complication.
We now have enough SARS-CoV2 genomic data from different states to make some broad conclusions about how the COVID-19 epidemic has unfolded in the US.
Humans and Neanderthals ‘co-existed in Europe for far longer than thought’


He Saw ‘No Proof’ Closures Would Curb Virus. Now He Has De Blasio’s Trust. (too many executive branch Democrats are bad at governing)
Lockdowns are ending. We need to stay ready for the virus to surge.
Senators, Representatives, And A Former Surgeon General Have Weighed In On The Ward 2 Race. What Gives?
Alright. There is a LOT of chatter on this website bashing those who are saying most of the country still isn’t ready for a safe reopening. So, as we approach what would normally be summer pool season, here’s a short analogy about pooping and accountability.
There’s still poop in the pool
There Are Sensible Ways to Reopen a Country. Then There’s America’s Approach
How to reopen Massachusetts during the coronavirus pandemic and keep it open
‘Manipulative, deceitful, user’: Tara Reade left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances. A number of those who crossed paths with Biden’s accuser say they remember two things: She spoke favorably about her time working for Biden, and she left them feeling duped.
Tell Me How This Is Not Terrorism
Masks, Men, and the Exhausting Pursuit of Desperate Masculinity
Trump’s company has received at least $970,000 from U.S. taxpayers for room rentals
God, I Hope the ‘Reopen Now’ Brigade Is Right. The Alternative Could Be Horrific.
Reopening: A Chronicle of Needless Deaths Foretold. Brace yourselves for a long, slow burn. We will not get our epidemic under control in the US.
National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities (pdf)
Breonna Taylor Was Murdered for Sleeping While Black. The circumstances of Taylor’s murder by cops, who barged into her home late at night, are shocking. They are also common.
“I don’t have time or energy to deal with a breathing Dunning-Kruger graph”
Baseball’s Plan to Reopen Is All Risk for the Players
‘There will be a war if they make us take a vaccine’: Anti-vaxxers defiant as world searches for Covid-19 cure
A University President Responds to Those Who Have Suggested the School Should Dip Into the Endowment

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