Links 3/12/15

Links for you. Science:

Sick? It might not be flu
Elsevier illegally sold me a Creative Commons non-commercial licensed article
Antibiotic Discovery: Two Steps Back?
Why many U.S. biology teachers are ‘wishy-washy’ (“Teachers lack the necessary knowledge, conviction, and role models to teach evolution properly.”)
California is pumping water that fell to Earth 20,000 years ago


The Conservative Fantasy History of Civil Rights
Charter School in Miami Fails, but Proves Useful on Jeb Bush’s Résumé
Stop Calling Children’s Gun Deaths “Accidental”
Handing the baton to the next hyperpower
This Drunk White Guy In A Pickup Explains All You Need To Know About Race And Policing
Fifty Years After Bloody Sunday in Selma, Everything and Nothing Has Changed: Racism, segregation and inequality persist in this civil-rights battleground.
UCLA’s Troubling Question for Jewish Students Everywhere
Rationalizing Lunacy: The Policy Intellectual as Servant of the State
Rationalizing Lunacy: The Policy Intellectual as Servant of the State
Is This The Most Successful Tech Giant You’ve Never Heard Of?
Operation Rent Seeking: How the war on terrorism became a business model.
Slandering the 70s
The Cost of Paying Attention
DEA Agent: We Were Told Not to Enforce Drug Laws in Rich White Areas
Red sky in morning, but from the weatherfolks, no warning
Big Government Is Getting In The Way Of Big Data
The Colossal Strangeness of China’s Most Excellent Tourist City

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