Links 5/9/20

Links for you. Science:

Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi: Promoting dangerously bogus pseudo-epidemiology about COVID-19
What does contact tracing/community testing data tell us about the actual probability of COVID-19 transmission (infection rate), high risk environments, and age?
Why The U.S. Government Stopped Funding A Research Project On Bats And Coronaviruses
These Shark Relatives May Not Escape Extinction
‘Murder Hornets’ in the U.S.: The Rush to Stop the Asian Giant Hornet (multiple introductions…)


The political strategy of Trump turning “public health official” into the equivalent of “climate scientist” is underway.
Devo’s Jerry Casale Looks Back at Kent State 50 Years Later: ‘Time Stood Still’
Travel From New York City Seeded Wave of U.S. Outbreaks
Trump’s Coronavirus Task Farce: Councils, work groups, and advisory boards are planning the future of the country. No one is doing much about the present. (I feel this way about most advisory groups, including the ones I’ve sat on)
The big, ugly paradox hovering over Trump’s latest deceptions
How Kushner’s Volunteer Force Led a Fumbling Hunt for Medical Supplies
I Want a House with a Crowded Table: On “reopening” Texas and the deadly illogic of individualism.
We Knew the Coronavirus Was Coming, Yet We Failed. The vulnerabilities that Covid-19 has revealed were a predictable outgrowth of our market-based health care system.
Democrats need to use Republicans’ playbook to make sure Trump loses
A Coronavirus Cover-Up Is Already Starting: The bipartisan ideology of “looking forward as opposed to looking backwards” is here again — it is designed to block efforts to hold Trump and his cronies accountable for their incompetence & malice.
The Case Against Janeese Lewis George, According to Critics and Skeptics
Obsession With Fraud Sabotages U.S. Aid to Millions Without Jobs
Why America Can Make Semiconductors But Not Swabs
Masks Are a Tool, Not a Symbol: Lives will be lost if Americans allow the culture war to determine whether they cover their face in public.
The Pandemic Is the Time to Resurrect the Public University
This Doctor Is Suggesting COVID-19 Lockdowns Are A Conspiracy To Take Away Your Freedom
If You Found That ‘Plandemic’ Video Convincing, Read This Too
Little Richard, Founding Father of Rock Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87
72 got COVID-19 after being at large event (the reopening rally in Wisconsin. Nobody could have predicted…)
Ocasio-Cortez Challenger Left Her Job as CNBC Anchor to Serve on Board of Company That Profits From Death

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