Links 4/9/20

Links for you. Science:

Can you kill coronavirus with UV light?
Antarctica was warm enough for rainforest near south pole 90m years ago
What NASA is doing to keep COVID-19 off the space station
Sequencing 101: The Evolution of DNA Sequencing Tools (biased towards PacBio, but good round up of first and second generation sequencing for newbies)


Unsanitized: Why Banks Don’t Want to Help Small Businesses
This Is a Historic Crisis. Where Is Democratic Leadership?
DC 2040: Imagining What the Nation’s Capital Will Look Like In 20 Years
Elizabeth Warren has a plan for this, too: “When you have a plan and people can see it, they can start making their plans,” Warren says.
The Supreme Court’s Wisconsin Decision Is a Terrible Sign for November: The justices are forcing citizens to choose between voting and staying safe from the coronavirus. This fall’s election could be no different.
Wisconsin’s election nightmare is a preview of what could happen in November
Our Tax Money Is Going to Directly Fund Religion
China Is Now Blaming a Lone US Cyclist For Coronavirus
What If They Have No Friends Or Loved Ones
Online Education in the Covid-19 Crisis: “It’s Like Coke Dealers Handing Out Free Samples”
Trump is using the states as scapegoats for his coronavirus calamity
Doctors In Training Are Dying, And We Are Letting Them Down
Trade Adviser Warned White House in January of Risks of a Pandemic (they knew)
This could be a long fight. People should be told the truth.
What America needs to do before lockdown can end
Trump blew it — not the WHO, Fauci or the Jews
The FT Says It’s Time for the Bank of England to Start Direct Funding of the Government: Modern Monetary Theory Has Won the Day
Trump’s latest depraved display could lead to more deaths
Secret Service signs contract this week to rent golf carts in town of Trump club
America has no federal response to this crisis
Stanch the Bleeding From Local and State Finances With Local Currencies

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