Links 4/1/20

Links for you. Science:

Thousands of covert coronavirus cases go under the radar in Wuhan, Chinese-led researchers say (paper here)
The untold origin story of the N95 mask
Vera C. Rubin Observatory, our best shot at finally explaining dark energy, nears completion
Can a century-old TB vaccine steel the immune system against the new coronavirus?
The coronavirus isn’t mutating quickly, suggesting a vaccine would offer lasting protection


It’s a good thing we eliminated polio in the 1950s because there’s no way in hell we could eliminate it under the 21st century health economics conventional wisdom
Doctors And Nurses Say More People Are Dying Of COVID-19 In The US Than We Know: “The numbers are grossly under-reported. I know for a fact that we’ve had three deaths in one county where only one is listed on the website,” one California ER doctor told BuzzFeed News. (this happens all the time with infectious disease; it was a very serious problem even before COVID-19)
Whitmer: Feds told vendors not to send medical supplies to Michigan
Several participants test positive for coronavirus after Maryland curling event
How The Absence Of Remote Voting Saps Individual Members Of Power
Elderly Asian elephant is euthanized at the National Zoo
After $25 million stimulus, stunned NSO players receive one-week notice from Kennedy Center
100 Days From Now, Presidential ZOOM Press Conference
The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Is a $2 Trillion Slush Fund for Washington Cronies
The Novel Coronavirus has a Well-Known Left-Wing Bias
Coronavirus Is A Defining Test And American Government Is Failing It. It’s not just Trump. Our politics are unfit for this calamity.
Red April: What happens on the first of the month when residents, restaurants, and retail stores don’t pay rent?
Insiders recount how Sanders lost the black vote — and the nomination slipped away
Genealogy of a Pogrom
Stop Trying To Make Andrew Cuomo Happen
Notes On A Nightmare #3: A Disturbing Turn in Right-Wing Thought
Bought some ancient Chinese terra cotta horses on Craigslist
The Postal Service Is Breaking Down: Covid-19 has already begun to take its toll on the overextended USPS workforce.
Workers Are Warriors in the Fight Against the Coronavirus. The pandemic is putting the lives of countless workers at risk. They deserve a new deal.
Spanish capital ditches ‘unreliable’ Chinese coronavirus test kits

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