Links 3/1/20

Links for you. Science:

China’s green zombie fungus could hold key to fighting East Africa’s swarms of locusts
A Standard Numbering Scheme for Class C β-Lactamases
This Tiny Creature Seemed Extinct. DNA Technology Helped Prove It Wasn’t.
You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus
Wild mushrooms poison thousands of people every year. USDA just introduced a device to detect the deadliest toxins


Do the Russians want Bernie to win? Not really — they want Democrats to turn on each other: Whether you support Sanders or someone else, there’s a lot you can do to help stop Russian efforts to sow division
Everybody I Talk To. You Know, Everybody Who Matters
Bill Kristol Isn’t Afraid of Bernie Sanders or His Rhetoric. He’s Afraid His Ideas Are Popular.You will notice the Never Trumper who’s wrong about everything else does not suggest Elizabeth Warren as an alternative.
Should Democrats be panicking over Bernie being the nominee? (Spoiler: No)
Jokes I’ve Told That My Male Colleagues Didn’t Like
Trump’s New Spy Chief Used to Work for a Foreign Politician the U.S. Accused of Corruption
What ‘Medicare for All’ Means After a Six-Year Strike for Health Benefits: To understand how union members in Las Vegas are thinking about Bernie Sanders, it helps to remember a picket line in the 1990s.
In China’s ‘war’ on coronavirus, hospitals turn away other patients — with dire results
Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet
Can Unions Make Right-Wing Democrats Who Voted With The GOP Against The Working Class Pay A Penalty?
MUHAMMAD: Bernie Could Win With All Hands on Deck
Bernie Praised Fidel Castro’s Education System. So Did Obama.
Bernie Sanders Rolls Out $1.5 Trillion Plan For Free, Universal Child Care: It’s the latest early childhood plan from a 2020 Democratic candidate — and it could be the biggest.
Bernie Sanders absolutely could win it all this November
A fraught decision: Older drivers agonize over when to give up the keys
The Kinds and Significance of Russian Interference — 2016 and 2020
Bloomberg called Warren ‘scary’ and vowed to ‘defend the banks’ in closed-door 2016 event
Don’t Panic: Seven reasons Bernie doesn’t doom our chances of ousting Trump (by someone who isn’t a Sanders supporter)
Top Virginia Democrat blames gun-sanctuary resolutions for denial of raises
Trump Costing Taxpayers And Putting Money In His Pocket With Stay At His Own Hotel
Here’s What Happens When Public Transit Is Free

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